Nagarjuna Bhai Movie

August 16, 2013
Preview of Telugu movie Bhai

The importance of the south Indian movies especially the Telegu movies has increased over the bygone years. These movies are becoming huge Chartbusters and will be released worldwide with a huge response. These movies are involving high technologies and very good graphics. Robot is a film which needs a mention here. The main lead character in this film was Rajanikant who is a very famous actor of the south though well known throughout the world. The Telegu film industry or more famously known as the Tollywood of the south has many important films lined up for release in this year. A film which is really worth mentioning here is nagarjuna new movie bhai. All these films are very high budget ad has shootings in the foreign countries. Moreover, for guest presences also top class heroes are signed with a huge payment. Moreover, like Bollywood, these films have many top class heroines who charge a huge amount of money for a very few minutes. Previously, many talented actors have shifted their interest from Tollywood to Bollywood due to less remuneration but as this problem has been resolved, they are again back to this industry. Another important fact is that with their storylines and unique songs, the movies have certainly succeeded in attracting public from all over India and even abroad.

IntroductionPreview of Telugu movie Bhai

The story of this nagarjuna bhai movie is an action romantic comedy type and the lead actor has done a very good comedy part. The actor cleared that according to the name, the film is definitely not about the mafia domain.  The movie will open on the 30th of august this year and even before its release, the movie has succeeded in creating a huge sensation. The sensation is mainly created as the lead actor has another hit film released shortly released and it’s his second in the queue. The director of this film is Veerabhadram and production has been undertaken by the lead actor himself under his production company Annapurna studios. The film has been all set up for shooting after its official declaration on the December 2012. The film is the third venture of the director and he stated that he was very nervous before starting the film. He wrote the script always portrayingNagarjuna. The director also said that the great actor is an agreeable choice of all the directors. When the director of this film consulted Nagarjuna with the script, the actor settled at once and even offered to finance the film along with Reliance Entertainment. The lead female part will be done by Richa Gangopadhyay.

Development of the Film

The film was started after a formal Puja ceremony in the sets of the Annapurna Studios on 26th November 2012. The shooting has been done in many phases and the second phase started from May 28th. Mainly the nagarjuna bhai stills have been shot in and around the city of Hyderabad and even a grand marriage set has been constructed in the studio. Some music still though has been done abroad. The film’s first trailer was launched on 15th June and it became an immediate hit. So it is clearly predicted that the telegu movie bhai will definitely be a blockbuster movie and an important one in this year. The majority of the film has been shot and only the final preparations are remaining.  According to Veerabhadram, a script may be very worthy but a superstar must be definitely presented the way all his fans will love. Generally after writing any script, he is in a dilemma of choosing the leads but for this film the first choice is always Nag sir. The cinematography is done by Sameer Reddy. The motion pictures are a recent development in the Bollywood films and the application of them has been comprehended in some upcoming films like Dhoom 3 and Boss. The Telegu film industry has also betrothed this technology while making the posters. The first is seen in Mahesh Babu’s 1: Nenokkadine and then in the film bhai. The poster depicts he hero standing with a gun and a moving helicopter in the background. It is also raining very heavily and the background color fluctuates very slowly but the actor is still.

Lead Actor and Actresses

The casting is done very carefully and thus the film is in its true sense star studded. Apart from the main hero and heroine, the villain role is portrayed by Sonu Sood. Another main role is portrayed by Prasanna. The latter is a well-known face in the Tamil films and this film is his first venture in the Telegu film industry. This actor believes in measured steps towards success and states that an actor will be ready for acting in the commercial films only after he has created a strong image on the viewers. He debuted in the movie Five Star in the year 2002.The lead actor is from a highly honored actor family and thus has inherited acting by birth. His father is the famous veteran Telegu actor Nageshwara Rao Akkineni. Akkineni Nagarjuna has acted in over ninety films in both the lead and supporting roles. He is immensely popular all over South India. He is also famous for various public charities. He is the brand representative of HIV AIDS. He along with his wife runs an NGO Blue Cross which is in Hyderabad. The main effort of this social organization is to protect animal rights. The female lead Richa is not very deep-rooted in this film industry and is only three years old and yet has made an impression in the industry. The telegu movie bhai will definitely help her to attain a new level in her career. She is not from acelebrity family but is very talented. Her debut film is Leader which brought her overnight fame. The main antagonist is Sonu Sood. This name is a famous one in both the Bollywood and other film industries. He is also from a non-filmy family. This actor is again seen acting in the same movie with Nagarjuna after long 7 years. The actor is very eager to work with Nagarjuna. He tweeted about this collaboration very eagerly also stating that how the time passes away and it seemed yesterday that he shot his film with Nagarjuna.

About the Director

The director of nagarjuna new movie bhai is also not very old in this industry. Before this film, he has only shot two other films but both of them were very famous. Some of his noticeable films are Aha Na Pellanta and Poola Rangadu. The director himself is very positive about the movie and said previously that the movie is not like the other movies but will definitely demonstrate something different.

Music of the Movie

The music director of this movie is Devi Shri Prasad. This music director has composed music for many other famous movies. He knows the common trend in the industry and his tunes definitely portray it. The audio launch has been on the 16th of August. Devi Prasad is variously talented and is a playback singer as well as well as a lyricist. Hope he keeps his standards in music direction in nagarjuna movie bhai.

Other Attractions of the Movie

The film has many other charms as well. A very well-known actress Kamna Jethmalani is having an important role in the moviepresenting and old city girl. Another attraction is Zara Shah who will be highlightedas the sister of the main lead. This character will find its prominence in the second half of the film as there is much brother sister sentimental scenes in this half. Other charms include its overseas shooting in a 700 year old Slovenian Castle. The actor and actress both are very delighted to shoot in the Predjama Castle. Some nagarjuna bhai stills of songs will also feature Brazilian actress and model Nathalia Kaur. The actress also stated that this will be her last item number and next she will concentrate on increasing her acting skills and prove her acting ability onscreen in both the Bollywood and south Indian industries. During the filming actor Sonu Sood had an accident in Thailand during shooting but it was not a major one and now he is recovering very well. The satellite or airing rights of this film have been taken by the Zee TV for an amount of 6 crores. This amount is the highest which any Nagarjuna film got till date. The dubbing rights have also been sold with a huge amount. Manish from Goldmines has already paid an amount of Rs.2.80 crores.


It is very clear that the movie is indeed a very high budget movie and has all the components for making it a huge hit. The film portrays the main lead in a mass way. Though there are many fallacies related to the publication of a movie in the month of august among the Telegu film directors, the film alongside with many other films will release in this month only. Many films released in this month have been a big hit and we hope all the best for this film also.

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