The hush and Buzz with Vishwaroopam 2

September 17, 2013
The hush and Buzz with Vishwaroopam 2

The Indian film industry has undergone a revolution in the recent years and with the advancement of technology the marketing strategy of the film has been changed. The films are distributed and promoted in as many screens as possible to ensure a reasonable amount of profit. The films are made with a huge budget with also the strategy to recover the cost along with profit. With this change the south Indian film industry has benefitted the most. The films have crossed the regional barriers and have reached all parts of the country attracting a larger o of viewers. Among the upcoming Kollywood film to be released all over India, vishwaroopam is the most hyped movies.

The making of vishwaroopam 2The hush and Buzz with Vishwaroopam 2

This is a south Indian spy thriller which is a sequel to the previous year’s release Vishwaroopam. This film is scheduled to release in two languages Hindi and Tamil. This film will be released all over India and is predicted as one of the biggest blockbuster films in the upcoming year. There is a huge amount of buzz surrounding the film and the expectation level of the audiences is very high as this film comes from the brand of Kamal Hasan one of the most successful south Indian superstar whose popularity all over India is huge. He is the heart and soul of this movie as he is the actor, director, story writer and co-producer of the movie. So the movie totally revolves around him. Other notable actors in this movie are Rahul Bose, Pooja Kumar and Andrea Jeremiah. The newest additions to the sequel are Waheeda Rahman and Anant Mahadevan. The music is composed and directed by M. Ghibran. There is only one change from the prequel that is the cinematographer Sanu Varghese has been replaced by malayali Shamdat Shainuddin. The film is slated to release in the month of October. The producers are planning on a Diwali release.

The buzz surrounding the movie

As this upcoming kollywood film is one of the most expected movies among the audience in recent history, the rumors and buzz surrounding the movie is also very high. Every information regarding the movie has created a lot of headlines and news. This film is totally based on India. Kamal Hasan has also disclosed the fact that this movie is based on mainly a mother son sentimental story which will go perfectly with Indian audiences who loves a bit of emotion in every film. The film story will be fast and well packed. The duration of the first part was round 2 hours and 25 minutes. But his second part will be less than 2 hours. It has also been known that the shooting of40 % of the sequel was completed during the shooting of the first part. This ensures tighter story. The film has been shot different parts of Thailand, Bangkok airbase and Chennai mainly. At present shooting is going on in Kodaikanal hills.


Oscar films V Ravichandran takes the role of distributing and promoting the film all over India. This film is expected to be free from any controversy that affected the first part. The producers are eyeing for a Diwali release in nearly 3000 screens to maximize the profit and the hype is certainly guaranteeing the success of the film.

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