Tollywood following Hollywood path to end piracy

September 28, 2013
Tollywood following Hollywood path to end piracy

In present days south Indian movies have gained a lot of importance in the Indian film industry because of their unique stories, major stars and the formulae of entertaining the audience. Their films have crossed all the regional barriers and reached all corners of India and is equally popular in different corners of the country. The marketing strategy and extensive promotion have led to such a success of these films. Also due to social networking and online sites they are easily accessible to all and now the fame of south Indian films and superstars have spread all over the country. This has also lead to a beginning of a new trend in Bollywood of remaking the south Indian films in Hindi and they are getting huge commercial success in this process. All this has created a huge demand and expectation for South Indian films

Piracy Catches the South Indian Films

With all the glamour, limelight and expectation there is always a negative side of popularity. That negative side has caused many problems in the industry. As the tollywood films have gained popularity all over India they have also drawn the attention of the movie pirates. Piracy is a growing problem in India. The movies are getting uploaded in the website even before it releases and the people are seeing them beforehand only which is adversely affecting the film’s box office collections which are also leading to the loss. The latest in this list is the south Indian film “Attarintiki Daredi” directed by Pawan Kalyan. This first part of the movie was leaked and uploaded on YouTube. Then later that movie was copied to CDs and sold in the market. This has affected the film industry and the film’s release date has been delayed to some day. The piracy is supposed to be done in the editing room while editing the film. They lodged a police complaint and the police has investigated and arrested a gang of 5 members among them one is a police employee only. This news has taken the industry by storm and they have decided to take a step regarding this.

The Step Taken by the IndustryTollywood following Hollywood path to end piracy

The tollywood industry has decided to adopt the procedure followed by Hollywood movies to stop the piracy of movies. The main idea is to stop the leakage point of the movie and be careful about selecting the persons who will have the access to the movie before its release. The movie content moves from one hand to another for different works but this movement should be controlled and monitored to prevent it from getting leaked. The movie should be locked and those who are totally involved in the movie will be provided with a password with which they can access the movies. So those who are not using the password cannot access the movie. This will easily detect the leakage point and stop the piracy to a long extent.


The south film industry has not yet adapted to this technology they depend on faith which are making them vulnerable to movie pirates. But after this incident, they have decided to adopt the latest technologies to stop the piracy.


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