Akshay’s Boss bags Guinness world record

October 10, 2013

Boss poster – Creating World record

The “This is it” poster of the pop legendary Michael Jackson was the biggest poster to be created until now. But today, we came to know Akshay Kumar’s Boss poster broke that record. Though it is a marketing gimmick as we can all understand as a part of the film promotion, but making a world record has its own charm and galore.

The magnanimous poster of “Boss”

Akshay Kumar has a huge fan base in India. Owing to his huge fan base, the world record was made, it was actually the actor’s fan members who had designed the logistics and gathered the data as to what can be done to promote the upcoming Bollywood movie, which is expected to be one of the scintillating action movie in Indian cinema. Thus, they came up with the idea of creating a giant poster. The poster of Bollywood action “Boss” was created in just 4 months. The main work regarding creating of the magnanimous poster was done by Marco Arts from United Kingdom. Coincidentally according to the previous record holding statistics, the Michael Jackson’s poster was also created by the same art group. The Khiladi’s upcoming film’s poster was unveiled at Little Gransden airfield.

The "This is it" poster of the pop legendary Michel Jakson was the biggest poster to be created until now. But today, we came to Akshay Kumar's Boss poster broke the record.

There are many curious minds that are actually thinking, what may be the exact dimensions of the poster, which has created such hysteria and equally claiming an honor. The promotional poster of “Boss” measures in width of 58.87 meters while in length it measures around 54.94 meters. When the officials of Guinness record went to measure the poster they found that the Boss’s poster had a comfortable higher edge over the last record holding poster of Michael Jackson’s one by 18-20 percentile of margin. The Guinness officials handed the honorary award and the poster of Boss also now finds a place in the Guinness book of records database. When the Khiladi was asked for a saying, he was glad and accepted the divine honor with grace and dignity and thanked to all who made it possible.

The film – Boss

Well to speak of the movie, the Boss is an upcoming action and comedy combo film. Akshay Kumar will be seen doing some raw and hard core Action sequences which has not been seen in quite a long time. The khiladi is always famous for his action sequences; he seems to be set on high comfort zone doing action scenes, so there is quite a huge hype and expectations from the fans and other viewers of Indian cinema worldwide. As Akshay has not seen enjoying a very cozy run in 2013 box office, so people are expecting that “Boss” will make his comeback entry in Bollywood big leads. According to many trade gurus, the film is expected to get in a grand opening. As the 100 crore club is now an essential factor in judging whether a movie is really potential enough to be a good one or not, so there are already trade analytics who are counting a standard number for this film. But whether the film will leave up to the dreams, and whether it will be another big one from Rowdy actor, Akshay Kumar, that only time can tell.

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