Baahubali Mystery solved by Kattappa?

March 11, 2017
why katappa killed baahubali

The question had literally broke the internet last year when Baahubali was released. The question was: Why did Katappa killed Baahubali? It has not just been subjected various internet jokes but also debates among fans as to find a loophole in the plot that would answer the glaring question. It has been bugging everyone for a year now and probably, the answer will be out next month. But, something surprising has happened lately.

The interview

Recently, before the film is going to be released in April, Anupama Chopra caught up with Sathyaraj, who played all important role of Katappa in the first film. Now that the second film will reveal the secret in all probability, the question came up as usual. While no one was expecting an answer, there was a surprise. Sathyaraj was in the mood for an answer and there was good reason to do so. It was the place where the celebrated event took place.

What was the answer?

While Sathyaraj did give an answer, it was a bit mystical. The answer had a resonance of SS Rajamouli, who gave a similar answer to another interview a few months back. Sathyaraj said, he killed Baahubali because the director asked him to. Rajamouli confirms that and hence, the answer only increases questions rather than answering. Truly, why would the director ask such a thing?

A top-guarded secret

After giving that elusive answer, Sathyaraj multiplied the mystery even further by announcing that it is a top guarded secret that no one knows. Apart from the few people who know the script, no one knows the secret. The answer is not even known to the families of anyone and it will be revealed come April.

Not irritated by questions

Sathyaraj also clarifies that he is never irritated by the question, whoever may be the person. He has heard of this question from almost everyone and feels that the curiosity is only good for the film because more and more people will watch the film in that case. So, he encourages such questions and he is also enjoying the popularity as Katappa.