Baahubali 2 on location secrets

March 14, 2017
baahubali 2 on location secrets

When things are big, expectations are high. Baahubali seems to be an extreme case where five years of extreme hard work is finally ending with a bang and everyone is excited about it. From the fans to the director, from the actors to the producer- everyone wants 28th April to be a grand day by all means in terms of box office records. Baahubali 2 is surely going to break box office records and make even more, so it was the right moment to catch everyone in good mood and know unknown things about the project.

Why such a long time?

Five years is an insanely long time and it was worth the investment to an extent because of its insane turnout. Prabhas, one of the current global icons of south Indian film industry, owes a lot to this film. He spoke about the duration and confessed it was tiring at one point. However, he hailed Rajamouli for his passion and devotion to cinema.

The freshness of the director

Everyone hailed Rajamouli as a driving force and spoke about how he would introduce new things every 10 days to keep everyone hooked to the project. In fact, they all agree that without Rajamouli constantly driving them towards the ultimate goal, Baahubali would have remained a dream. While the effort deserves a holiday, Prabhas announced he has some more big films lined up already.

Sathyaraj in a candid mode

The center of the buzz, Sathyaraj who played the controversial role of Katappa, apart from giving a tongue-in-cheek answer to the famous question, also revealed that he is enjoying the role and he is not afraid of being type casted into a specific module. He reminded that he has already played diverse roles and he knows he will be playing more such roles.

More details, same grandeur

Rajamouli, who has crafted this project from the very beginning, also opened up on this auspicious occasion to say a few words about the film. He feels that the grandeur will remain the same with similar sets and similar performances. However, the film is loaded with details like the previous one, so he asked the spectators to pay even more attention.