The new Telugu upcoming star Anu Emmanuel

March 18, 2017
Anu Emmanuel Latest Photos-Stills

Anu Emannuel, an American born actress is predominantly working on projects in the South Indian industry. She is the daughter of an entrepreneur a successful film producer Thankachan Emmanuel who introduced her daughter in the film industry for taking her carrier in the advance level.

Anu Emmanuel and her carrier start with “Swapna Sanchari”

Born an bought up in Chicago, United States, Anu gave her first start when she was just in ninth standard and later she carried her further studies. Anu began her carrier in the South Indian film industry with her debut in “Swapna Sanchari” as a daughter of the leads in the film, produced by her father. This was just the beginning; Anu had also starred in other films that have made the audience to applaud for her performance. Few of these include Majnu, a Telegu movie released in the year 2016 and Kittu unnadu jagratha, another hit Telegu film in the year 2017. Giving successful hits, Anu Emmanel has become the role model for many aspirants.


Big projects for Anu after successful big hits

Sources also revealed that the filmmakers after watching and reviewing her performance have decided to sign other film projects to get a big hit once again. The actress has captured the eyes of the filmmakers and the industry as a whole. She seems to have become the flavor of the industry for the years to come with big projects that she needs to deal with.

Successful hits Majnu and Kittu Unnadu Jagratha 

Though Anu Emmanuel has starred in almost 7 films that includes “Swapna Sanchari” in the year 2011, “Action Hero Biju” in the year 2016, “Majnu” in the same year 2016, “Oxygen”, “Kittu Unnadu Jagratha”, “Thupparivaalan” and “100 Degree Celcius” all in the year 2017 till date. However, among these films “Majnu” and “Kittu Unnadu Jagratha” were the keys to open success in her carrier which has led to flood in the upcoming projects in future. Filmmakers and producers are piling up new projects beforehand to avoid coincide with other each others.

It is expected that the talented actress, Anu Emmanuel will gain new heights in the South Indian Film Industry with successful hits holding many awards in her hand. Reports says, that future projects and her acting skills would win the blockbusters soon with the South Indian crowds at the theatres