Photojournalists manhandled on Rajinikanth’s ‘2.0’ sets

March 23, 2017
Photojournalists manhandled on Rajinikanth's '2.0' sets

Wherever Rajnikanth goes, a horde of people follow him because of his unparallel star persona and his magnetic personality. However, sometimes things do turn nasty and it is precisely what happened with him very recently on the set of 2.0, the latest science-fiction film that Rajnikanth was shooting. Things turned particularly nasty as photojournalists who had gathered in the shooting were severely manhandled and a chaos ensued. It became even dirtier when a police complaint was registered but it was thankfully withdrawn later on to avoid worse situation. All these have happened because of certain miscommunications.

 What the photographers say

Raghunathan, one of the photojournalists who were on the spot, gave an account of the unfortunate incident that took place. He insisted that he was pushed by the bouncer and they were egged on by the assistant director of the film, he went on to state. He pointed out that they were not following the law which states against shooting in a public place after 6 AM. It was already 8 in the morning and they were still shooting and creating a ruckus. The photojournalists were shooting the condition when things turned violent.

Shankar’s apology and consequent change

The narrator also stated how the bouncers surrounded them quickly and went on to assault them which enraged the journalists. They immediately registered a police compliant against the assistant director and certain members who were responsible for this incident in their eyes. However, the director Shankar was quick to react to the scenario and apologised for the incident which resulted in the withdrawal of the complaint. The photojournalists raised concern regarding the spot of shooting as it is an accident prone zone and the commotion that was being caused could have easily led to one.

Police to the rescue

Police, however, had a helpful role to play as Bharath, another photojournalist was saved from severe beating by a lady police. The bouncers had punched him and tried to snatch his camera when he tried to make them understand that he was doing nothing wrong. However, a lady police was quick to act on the situation and came to his rescue. Things could have easily turned murky had it not been for the prescience of the police and the director who interfered immediately. One of the assistant directors named Pappu who apparently was behind all the ruckus was detained for some time because of the mayhem.