Venkatesh’s Guru Releasing This Friday

March 29, 2017
venkatesh guru releases this friday

Upcoming Telugu movie Guru which was supposed to release on April 7 is now preponed to release on 31st march. The Tollywood movie Guru is directed by none other than Susha kongara Prasad. The film was previously released in Tamil version and Hindi version simultaneously. The hind version of the movie was named “Sala khadoss” while the Tamil version was named,” Irudhi Suttru”. Both the film has the main hero as R. Madavan. The movie falls in the category of sports drama. The Telugu movie Guru is produced by Y Not studios and the music is composed by Santhosh Narayanan. The film stars Daggubati Venkatesh, Ritika Singh in lead roles.

Release news of the movie Guru:

As everyone knows the highly anticipated Telugu movie has rescheduled its date of release, with its grand premier in USA to be on 30th of March from 6 pm.  The mouth publicity of movie and its marketing camaraderie have made expectations among cine goers reach climax. The film content has already shipped in USA and will be aired in 90 areas including confirmed premier shows on 30th 6 pm evening. When the whole of Tollywood in the celebratory mood of Ugadi, the film bring people close to their families at very minimal price. The film premier tickets can be found in USA as low as $12. The Telugu film Guru by Susha Kongara also receive a universal certificate fr0om the film certification board. This clearly means it will be great family entertaining film to enjoy with every loved ones during the festivity times.  The running time of the movie is 1 hour 56 min, thus Telugu movie lovers can enjoy a small crisp entertaining movie and also carry their celebration back home in a great way.

Trailer talk: Guru Movie

The video introduced us to a grouchy and quiet aged and experienced Boxing coach whose character is essayed by Venkatesh, he seems to be quiet passionate about the boxing game. He is seen to handpick a girl from the streets, whom he starts grooming to make a good boxing player. The character is essayed by Ritika Singh. The coach is seemed to be quiet rigorous and not having minimal mercy when it comes to pushing this street girl to excel in the sport. Many movie goers have already been familiar with the film plot as they have seen Madhavan in Sada Khadoss. The film is expected to have lot of emotions, toughness and high octane drama to unfold in the path of how the one time boxing specialist will train a girl in making identity through boxing.

Some special mentions:

The film is the first one, where Venkatesh has lend his voice. The song ‘Jingidi’ sung by Venkatesh already getting acclamation from various social platforms. Even the making of the song was seen by many as was hugely acclaimed. So, with all these great insights about the movie be it from plot, to makers, to its actors, performance and music it will definably treat the audience a great impact on the eve of Ugadi.