Rogue Telugu Movie Ratings & Events

March 30, 2017
rogue telugu movie ratings

Puri jagannadh is coming back to the action in Tollywood with the film Rogue. The film stars CV Ishan as the protagonist. Rogue telugu movie ratings got U/A certifications from the censor board. The Telugu movie Rogue is stated to release on 31st of March 2017. The film has been made both in Kannada language and Telugu language and will release on same date. The movie is produced by C.R. Manohar and C.R. Gopi.

The movie after getting approved the censor board of India, the team announced that the film will release on 31st of March. The film will release to over 1000 theatres across the globe. This is a big thing for the Telugu cinema lovers as they will get a great movie to watch for during the eve of ugadi. The music launch for the Kannada version was organised in Bangalore with great pomp and show. Many biggies from the industry came to be a part of the music launch. Although, the Telugu version got its music launch pad done in Hyderabad, which had great response. It was even bigger event than the one in Bangalore, and Sunny Leone was the main attraction to the event, who entertained the audience with her moves on the songs of the album of Telugu movie Rogue. The Hyderabad launch garner great response for the movie’s promotion and created expectations in the mind of the audience

The Tollywood movie Rogue which is also going to release Kannada language is a romantic film with lot of action. The film introduces the actor Ishan, it is his debit film. AS he is from the producer family so the launch have been strong and he is expectation a good response from the audience as he feels  he has strong blessing from his family members. The trailer though created initial buzz but was not able to create a huge impact, because it was a very predictable storyline as per many cine goers. The y expected some touch of Puri’s dialogue magic in the film which was missing in a good way. The songs and background score was appreciated but the masala action and storyline being not experimental did have low impact.

The film also stars Manala Chopra and Angela. The movie rogue is getting mixed hype when it comes to whether the movie will do well in box office or not, so we have to wait for 31st march to see how the story reveals and does it feel the festival of Ugadi with love and romance or it fails to deliver. Girls down south are already getting crazy for the debutant actor. The sleazy songs have created some buzzers in the social media. So now we have to wait to for its release to give a better picture on the film.

Let us see the top 3 highlighted news of ROGUE below:

1. Puri’s ‘Rogue’ Release Date Issue

In the film world, films are never films until they get released. Rogue, Puri Jagannadh’s latest film, was facing similar problem very recently because it was not getting a release date till a breakthrough occurred. It was even more important for Ishaan, who is the debutant in the film and it is his big break which needed to happen. Hence, when the audio launch happened recently in Hyderabad, he surely heaved a sigh of relief getting the much needed break.

Already quite a buzz

The hoopla around the release somehow helped the film getting even more promoted as there has been some buzz around the film. In fact, Sunny Leone coming down to perform for the audio launch of the film also excited a lot of people. With March 29 being the fateful date when the film hits the theatres, all eyes are on the screen. Even regarding the release date there was a small dispute among the producers. Initially, the film was slated to be released on 31st March only to be shifted to 29th March in the end. It has been done keeping in mind that there is hardly any competition currently from any of the big players.

rogue mannara ratings

The film and its details

Rogue is going to have a bilingual release as it is shot in Kannada and Telugu. There is no clear indication of why the delay occurred since the producers never pointed out any issue regarding the release. Puri has not received a big hit recently with ISM, his last film starring Kalyanram, failing at box office.

Putting on hope

Puri, as the word is doing rounds, is putting in every effort to make the film a super hit and hence, he is doing a lot of publicity and being cautious about everything. He is hopeful because of the action content of the film with Sunil Kashyap’s beautiful tunes gracing the sound design of the film. C R Mohan is also putting in a lot of hope on Puri to make a notable return by delivering a film worth remembering. All eyes are on the month of April as of now.

2. Sunny Leone performs

Puri Jagannadh has lined up his next film as an out and out action flick and it is titled Rogue. Soon to be released, the film recently had its audio launch and there was a big surprise waiting for the enthusiastic crowd as it was graced by a very special Bollywood star. The star was none other than Sunny Leone who surely was invited to give the audio launch a different mileage altogether.

Sunny Leone’s reaction

While this was a moment of excitement for the fans and the crowd gathered, Sunny herself was no less excited as she tweeted about the event in an exuberant tone. She also expressed how she wanted the event to go well and achieve success. Her tweet also wished Puri Jagannadh all the success for the upcoming film. The audio launch occurred in Hyderabad where she reached through flight on an urgent basis.

How she looked there?

Sunny is always at her sizzling best and it was no exception in this case too as people got a glimpse of her rocking the show. In the picture she shared from the venue, she looked stunning in her maroon dress as she was exuding a serene smile in front of the camera. Producer Arbaaz Khan also graced the occasion as the event was a super hit.

rogue sunny leone position

Inviting Sunny for the film was hardly a surprise because the film needs a lot of publicity because of the debutant faces. Ishaan is debuting in the film alongside Angela Krislinzki and Mannara Chopra. Thakur Anoop Singh also has an important role to play. With audio launch already a superb success, the team is expecting a great turnout come April. Till then, they are doing everything to make sure that no stones remain unturned when it comes to publicity.

3. Mannara Chopra Interview

Sometimes, stars look for a particular film which will give a new boost to their career and revive their name among the industry’s who’s who. Such is probably the case with Mannara Chopra who has been thinking of bringing herself back to the limelight through her most recent release, Rogue. A bilingual film that will be released very shortly in Telugu and Kannada, Rogue is directed by Puri Jagannadh who is one of the biggest names in the South Indian film industry. She plays the role of a singer in the film and vows to deliver a performance quite unseen till now from her.

The points of transformation

Mannara not only talked about her transformation but also why and how it will charm the audience. She hails the director as a visionary who realized her potential and gave her a unique look. She pointed out that she generally dresses casually in all her roles but this role, for the first time, has portrayed a sensuous and glamorous role with a dollop of innocence too. Such a beautiful blend of sweet and spice was only possible because of the director’s decision to give her the role, she believes.

rogue telugu ratings

The challenges she faced

Mannara considers it as a career-defining role by many means and has made sure she gives a performance worth remembering. In fact, the whole project has unfolded like a surprise for her as she was not even aware of the role she was going to play. It was revealed much later and she was blessed with such a beautiful role. In fact, the project’s bilingual nature suits her as it will get a wider release and will give her a career an even better lift.

Mannara informs that the film is a love story but it has its twists. She, as a singer, has to go through quite a few challenges and through the course of the film; she has to overcome to reach the climax. In fact, playing the role was quite challenging too, she thinks and hence, she urges the audience to watch the film.  The director is also trying to make sure that the film gets enough publicity after the initial hiccups regarding release. Hence, April is going to be an extremely important month in the career of Mannara Chopra and others. You have to wait a few more days to see how it shapes out.