Bahubali Prabhas & Game Of Thrones Connection

April 12, 2017
bahubali 2 prabhas and game of thrones connection

Baahubali franchise has had an unprecedented impact on the global perception of Indian cinema in many ways. From its global release programs to the number of screens it has secured for release, everything has had an impact on its brand and its anticipation to say the least. However, even the greatest Baahubali enthusiast would not have dreamt of what recently happened. None other than the makers of Game of Thrones heaped praise on Prabhas, who has been leading the charges in the film for his fantastic performance in the earlier film in the eponymous role.

The secret behind such praise

If there is such praise, then there must be sufficient reason to do so. Prabhas has put everything behind the film to make it such a grand event. He has dedicated five years of his career behind this one film, going against the grain of the industry and also the will of his loved ones. He has also transformed his body to make sure that he could look like the Baahubali described by the film. Throughout the film’s shooting, he maintained a stringent diet and carried out a disciplined routine of exercises.

The dedication bears fruit

Prabhas also gained 30 KGs to ensure he could really lift 150 KG wait during the film. Such an insane dedication surely has raised eyebrows beyond the national circuit and the reaction from the Games of Thrones makers only proves the point. Baahubali did have a number of stuntmen and graphic experts who had been associated with Game of Thrones before. It is highly likely that they must have tipped off the directors as well as the makers about the phenomenal performance and consistent dedication of Prabhas. Rajamouli only echoed the sentiment by saying that Prabhas is the only actor who could do so much for the film.