Baahubali 2: India’s answer to Lord of the Rings

May 9, 2017
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The shopping malls and the multiplexes, if you visit them right now, seems to echo only one name and only one film’s name is being murmured by the public. The name is Baahubali 2: The conclusion and it has surely shocked the global audience with outstanding release. Despite getting 400 cinema halls in US, it has opened to a rousing 13 million dollars’ worth opening and even in New Zealand; it is just behind Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, proving its capacity to become an international phenomenon.

The staggering statistics

Baahubali 2 proves once again that fantasy fiction works brilliantly if you can provide the right amount of extravaganza. With bloody battle sequences, special effects of the highest order in Bullfighting sequences and many others, masculine heroes and beautiful heroines, Baahubali is everything that Bollywood stands for globally and yet, it hails from South India and aspires to be much more. Its first part, setting precedence, was released in Hindi dubbing to capture the North Indian audience and they have responded remarkably.

The universal appeal of Baahubali and its story makes it an instant choice for audiences around the globe, resulting in a 120 million dollar profit on the very first week, a figure unmatched in the history of Indian cinema. Unlike other blockbusters, it is not a superstar film nor is it a romantic narrative. Even with a relatively unknown cast ensemble beyond the south, Baahubali may well be the blueprint of the future regarding commercial success.

The grandeur has stunned them all

While Baahubali is yet to match global franchises like Star Wars in terms of visual effects, it surely has surpassed by many miles what visual effects meant in Indian cinema previously. In some screens, Baahubali is the only film that is running. Baahubali has thrown a challenge to the dominance of Bollywood and showed that regional cinema can also exercise good deal of global attention if given space. Baahubali and its increasingly fascinating CGI also goes to show that it is no longer impossible to dream of a Lord of the Rings in India given the rapid development of such technology.