Chalapathi Rao did it good for himself with that comment? Also Rakul respond

Chalapathi Rao's sleazy comment on women kicks off a storm

Rarandoi Veduka Chudham has already run into controversy because of senior actor Tamareddy Chalapathi Rao. In the audio release of the film in Annapurna Studios, Chalapathi shocked everyone with an absolutely derogatory comment on woman. The function had everyone including the hero Naga Chaitanya whose father is producing the film. Rakul Preet is the heroine of the film. During the function, Geetha, the anchor of the program, apparently asked whether women are harmful for health in a light mood.

The veteran actor blurted out that he cannot tell if they are harmful or not surely they are useful for men in bed. Chalapathi Rao, who has made a name as a villain, shocked everyone with this answer. When Geetha was finally able to return to the stage, the co-anchor Ravi apparently said it was a brilliant answer. After the launch, the comment raged the social media and shocked the film fraternity. Nagarjuna, who is the producer of the film, had to come out with an apology that he respects women a lot and he in no way agrees with the sentiments shared by Rao.

Rakul to the rescue

One of the main figures of the film, Rakul, who is also a woman, did not understand what Rao had said. When she realized, she immediately took to the twitter and apologized for such regressive comment. She also said that she will bring out a statement condemning it. However, social media refused to abate the fire and a case has already been launched in Banjara Hills police station.

Given the rage, Rao also understood that things have gone out of hand and tried to control the damage by issuing a statement of his own. He tried to defend himself by saying that it was a grave mistake but asked for forgiveness by calling it a slip of tongue. He tried to reason by saying that he was late to the program and was yet to gather his wits. The sudden question startled him and he gave an answer without thinking much about the consequences. However, such an excuse did not hold much water and condemning words poured in from all quarters

Other responses

Movie Artist’s Association also came out with a strong rebuke through a press conference and made sure that Rao understands the gravity of his action. They stated that every single Telugu artist condemned the comment and the industry makes no discrimination based on the artist’s sex. They hope to preserve this congenial atmosphere in the future too.

However, there has been other reactions from some quarters. Some people have been quick to remind everyone that industry is inherently sexist as there were plenty of comments in the vein of this comment in the past by some of the biggest names. More often than not, actors have not thought twice before passing lewd or suggestive remarks about the heroines which amount of workplace sexism to say the least. Whether the industry takes a strict step or not is to be seen.