Tollywood celebs’ horribly sexist comments Apart from Tamareddy

Tollywood celebs' horribly sexist comments

Sexism is something that the industry has not been able to do away with and the recent comment of Tamareddy Chalapathi Rao is just one example among a sea of examples where the actresses were victims of sexism because the actors did not consider them as colleagues but something else. It is important to look at the other perpetrators since they play an important part in ensuring that such sexist practices go on for a long time and a reminder may possibly stop them from repeating such comments.

The comment in question

There were two terribly sad comments made by two big names in the industry. Naga Chaitanya said that women are apparently not the best option to retain one’s peace of mind.  Rao, on the other hand, said that women are only good for sharing a bed with men. Social media immediately reacted to this terrible comment and the reaction was such, the producer had to come out and seek an apology for such derogatory comment. He also said that he never associates himself with such comments and women are always respected in his films or real life. However, awkward comments have flown from various corners at various points of time.

For example, during the trailer launch of Hyper, Nani, the actor said that his co-actress Raashi Khanna was looking more than beautiful. Apparently, he could not say more because that would not be appropriate but he surely had hit some bad nerves. While at the event, nothing much happened, social media was not so forgiving.

Other issues of sexism

Nandamuri Balakrishna, one of the senior figures in the industry, blurted out in an event that fans no longer like him running after heroines. Rather, only kissing them or making them pregnant could have box office success nowadays. He also mentioned how he acted naughtily with his co-actresses at times. Surely, this was uncalled for considering he is a senior figure by all means.

However, the most worrying comments have come from Ali, the comedian. He has termed Anushka Shetty as a ‘hot jalebi’ in the past whom everyone would like to gorge. In fact, he also said that the Sonal Chauhan had no thighs compared to Shetty. He also didn’t shy away from making comments about the midriffs of Samantha. However, while social media raged on, the actresses have dismissed the issues by taking these comments in a light mood.