Spyder movie impact

June 10, 2017
Spyder's teaser wins the hearts of Mahesh Babu Fans

Social media has suddenly become an important marker of the film’s quality as well as reach nowadays. Experts can tell from the social media buzz whether a film will work at the box office or not. The hype that you can generate right before the release date contributes a lot to the initial buzz as well as earnings. The more likes and views trailers and teasers get, the more chances there are of reaching a wider audience.

YouTube, for example, has become a marker of the film’s pre-release buzz as the number of views are part of the record making and breaking statistics nowadays. Mahesh Babu, a name that can stir a million fans, has arrived at the scene with Spyder, a spy drama and released a 1 min 14 sec long trailer. The trailer shows a tiny, robotic spider moving to and fro between the various parts of a man.

The madness around the teaser

After moving here and there, the spider finally rests on the shoulder of someone, who is revealed to be the enigmatic Mahesh Babu. The teaser indicates that the film could have an impact of sci-fi genre with the screenplay relying heavily on a pacey narrative. In such a stylish manner, A R Murugadoss has sent a message to the audience that they are in for something really special.

Initially, the record was for Pawan Kalyan as his Katamarayudu gained as many as 100k likes in 5 hours with 3.7 million views in a single day. However, Spyder crossed the 100k mark within 3 hours and in a single day, it amassed 4.2 million views. Surely, such colossal statistics have put Spyder in a more than favorable position to become a blockbuster. In fact, Katamarayudu has already been left behind by Spyder.

Breaking all the records

Currently, Spyder stands on 262k likes within 4 days. However, this record may not stand for long as Pawan Kalyan is already gearing up with PSPK25 and NTR Jr. is lining up Jai Lava Kusha. However, both superstars have to wait for a few days since the record currently belongs to Mahesh Babu in the industry. In fact, this will be an interesting competition between the two big names as both of them have huge fan base, especially among the young ones.

So, it will be interesting to see the locking of horns of two of the biggest names. However, NTR Jr. being the introducer of the likes tradition with crossing 50k likes for his film, will have high hopes from his fans as he will be looking forward to break and make a record worth remembering. For now, Mahesh Babu is sitting safely at the top with a huge statistics in his favour.