Rakul & her glam doll image

June 14, 2017
Rakul Preet says media gave her glam-doll image

Rakul Preet is surely over the moon considering the stunning success of Rarandoi Veduka Chudham and she is reminding everyone about how people have taken the pain to remember her name in the film. The name of her character, Bramarambha, is now a household name and that alone is a marker of how successful she has been in leaving her mark on the film. Rakul also mentioned that she has done few films in her career, but such success has never been matched by any other film. However, she is worrying about the kind of image she is creating currently.

Acting is the main concern

After doing brilliant roles in various films, media has suddenly discovered the new glam-doll of the industry in Rakul. Surely, that is worrying for her to say the least since she wants to excel in acting and not get lured by the world of glamour. Glamour, according to her, is temporary while films are more permanent. She believe media portrays someone as it would want to portray and there is no point thinking about it too much since it matters little in the end.

Films are her priority

Rakul clearly stated that acting in good films that will help her gain foothold in the competitive industry is her sole concern as of now. She is brushing past all the hullaballoo regarding her being the next glam-doll of the industry. She is also not willing to give away her already-hit traditional look in her recent films. In fact, she believes that the glam-doll image does not suit her at this moment and it is hardly surprising that she is giving no fuel to such tags. Rakul is a careful person and this reflects how well she has thought about shaping her career towards a better future.