Heroes Refuse To Lip-lock With Rakul Preet Singh?

Heroes Refuse Lip-lock With Rakul Preet Singh

In a world where bikinis are mandatory for heroines to make their names and lip-locks seem to be the norm in each film, there are certain heroines who refuse to abide by all these rules and have their own set of restrictions imposed on the story. These heroines are few in number and surely, they command enough demand to be able to place their demands on the table. Rakul Preet Singh, the most sought-after heroine in Telugu cinema, is surely no newbie in the industry. However, she is the most recent to join the list of heroines who refuse to lip-lock just for the sake of it.

Rakul argues against it

Rakul is particularly wary about lip-locking for no such reason because she believes it may tarnish her girl next door image. She believes that she will only give a positive nod for lip-locks when the narrative strictly demands it. However, she will not shy away at all if need be and it will also help her mold her look into a different avatar, she claims. However, there is a strange rejection from another side which keeps Rakul out of the lip-locking possibility in near future.

The heroes are not ready

The heroes with whom Rakul romances onscreen are apprehensive of getting a kissing scene. The strange reason behind this decision is that they believe that the films that have Rakul having lip-locks end up being dismal failures at the box office and hence, they do not see it to be a positive sign for the films when it comes to box office. Whether this trend will break or not is to be seen. For now, not only Rakul but also her heroes refuse to do kissing scenes, although the reasons are poles apart but coincidentally results in the same effect.