Duvvada Jagannadham song sparks controversy, offends Brahmin community

Duvvada Jagannadham song sparks controversy, offends Brahmin community

Duvvada Jagannadham, one of the most anticipated films down south and surely a major turning point in the career of Allu Arjun, has already run into controversy because it has apparently offended Brahmin community by some objectionable lines in the lyrics of a particular song of the film. As the reports suggest, the song, titled Gudilo Badilo Madilo Vadilo, has enraged the Brahmin community across the region and they are clearly protesting against it. Penned by none other than Sahithi, this song has objectionable elements in it as per the Brahmins are concerned, opines the president of All India Brahmin Federation. However, the reason of the rage is the fact that the song is a slight pun on the actual lyrics of a recital called ‘Namakam Chamakam’ dedicated to lord Shiva.

The muddy waters around it

The community apparently considers it an insult to Hindu culture and considers it an absolute sham. They believe that the song clearly shams the gods and they will oppose it tooth and nail and go to court if needed. The president has already sought legal help by approaching the regional board of censors and lodging a formal complaint against the song. The complaint has also reached ears of the minister of cinematography and the DGP of the state. The lines that have apparently offended the community has also been brought into light now. The lines concerned are basically a humorous take on the Rudra Strotram.

The concerned lines and their repercussions

The lines go as follows: ‘Alakinchindhi aa Namakam, prabharalo pranaya manthrame choosi, pulakarinchindhi aa Chamakam, agrahaaraala thamalapaakalle thaakuthondi thamakam’. These lines need to be censored, claims the community. While such a complaint is unique, the team of the film is yet to make any move regarding the matter. Whether such an event works positively for the film’s publicity or not is to be seen. For now, since they have moved to legal domain, the matters will presumably be settled there. Who wins the battle is, however, a million dollar question which will be answered after a few days. Meanwhile, the film is gaining grounds in the Telugu fraternity with its outstanding trailer.