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  • Editor Alen
  • Cinematography Preetha
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  • Producer Prakash Raj
  • Director Radha Mohan
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Gouravam review

“Saar Chiranjeevi garu.. Ma valla kadhu saar“

Posted: 03 May 2013-02:23 AM

Arjun (Sirish) is a son of big industrialist. On one occasion he visits a village SM Palli and enquires about his engineering friend, Shankar. He meets Shankar's father (LB Sri Ram) and comes to know that Shankar eloped with Rajeshwari, a girl of upper caste in the same village. Moved by the distress of Shankar's father, Arjun decides to stay in the village and hunt for his lost friend. In the process, he meets a young lawyer, Yamini (Yami Gautam). Slowly, Arjun's movement against casteism generates buzz all around the state. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

Firstly, there is no rule of thumb that an actor's son should become an actor. And also there is no rule that an actor's son should not become an actor. Sirish trying hand in acting is no crime but the output he delivered is really bad. His face remained blank whatever the situation might be. The cinematographer had to opt for several long shots to cover up his expressions. His dialogue delivery is totally dumb and there is no ease in dances or fights.

Yami Gautam looked pretty on screen but her role is veryminimal. LB Sri Ram is good as a father who lost his son. Prakash Raj is totally underused but is good in whatever he got. The guy who acted as Sirish's friend evoked some good comedy. Rest of the characters are okay in their limited roles

Radha Mohan is a sensible director in the current generation. His movies always contain good subject, Gouravam is no exception. His attempt to take on Casteism in the present society is highly commendable but the whole effort is lost in etching the story on screen. The screenplay of the movie is so weak that the animosities between the two castes or the conviction in the hero's movement against Casteism is not portrayed well. As expected, there are no commercial elements in the movie but the sad thing is Radha Mohan has also disappointed his admirers this time.

There are two songs in the movie. Unlike his style, Thaman delivered music which is well embedded in to the script. The back ground score again is superb, especially during the interval bang scene and in the scenes where the movement is picking pace.

The production values in the movie are average. Cinematography is just okay and the editing could have been a lot better.

Allu Sirish is getting a 3 language launch today. A feat which was never achieved by any star Kid. He rightly used an off beat movie for the launch but still could not manage to come out in flying colours. The glitches in his acting combined with screenplay errors by Radha Mohan make Gouravam a very bad launching pad for Sirish.

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