• Cast ,
  • BannerLakshmi Ganapathi films
  • Editor Praveen KL
  • Cinematography Gopi Amarnatha
  • Music C Sathya
  • Producer B Subramanyam
  • Director Sundar C
  • Audio release date 11 May 2013

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Something Something review

“Brahmi all the way!“

Posted: 14 June 2013-05:19 AM

Siddharth plays the role of Kumar, a software employee. Hansika joins the company as his colleague and Kumar falls for her instantly but struggles to propose her. In the process, he takes the help of Prema Ji, the love guru (Brahmi). Kumar begins his trysts with the ideas of Prema Guru which keeps on failing every time, just then George (Ganesh Venkat Raman) enters trying for Sanjana. How Siddharth manages to withstand the competion, reveal his love and win her heart forms the crux of the story.

Siddharth off late has choosen to try slightly different subject which were not accepted by the audience. He finally got in to his strength. He performed very naturally and scored brownie points in several key scenes. Hansika Motwani suited the character very well but her screen time is too less. However, she offered the necessary oomph to enthrall mass audience. The only problem is with the chemistry between Siddharth and Hansika. It failed in O My Friend and it failed this time too.

Brahmi is the key entertainer in the movie and shouldered the movie very well. His character is well written and comedy worked out very well. Even his costumes evoked comedy in the movie. The major share of the movie success should belong to him. Samantha's cameo is good while Rana's is of no effect. Rest of them are all okay.

Success of any business depends on the effective use of available resources - This is the success mantra of several businesses. Sunder C. has employed the same for Something Something too. The movie is the best example of how a director can effectively use his actors. The subject is exactly what is expected of a Siddharth starer and the script writing is top notch. He took care of every minute detail of the movie right from the costumes of Brahmi.On the flip side, the story is too much predictable and direction is just plain with out any thing exciting.

There are little loose ends which proved costly like how a person who hates love, all of sudden falls in love with out any strong reasons.

All the songs in the album are average and the picturization is bad as well. Siddharth and Hansika tried a bit in dances but of no big use. The back ground score of the movie is just okay to the movie.

Gopi Amarnath's cinematography is okay and the grading is colourful. There  are no action sequences. Editing by Praveen - Srikanth is okay. Veligonda Srinivas has done good work with his pen.

Something Something offers nothing new in the story aspect. It is just another movie which purely depends on comedy. Sunder C. screenplay and Brahmi will serve the purpose to the maximum extent. On the whole, the movie will be a time pass flick this weekend. Commercial prospects will depend on the promotion.