• Cast , Arya
  • BannerPVP Cinema
  • Editor Kola Bhaskar
  • Cinematography Ramji
  • Music
  • Producer Param V. Potluri
  • Director Sri Raghava
  • Audio release date 27 Oct 2013

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Varna review

“Emani Varninchamu“

Posted: 22 November 2013-02:32 AM

Ramya (Anushka) is a doctor and Madhu Balakrishna (Arya) is a lecturer and an altruistic person. Ramya falls for Madhu’s philanthropic nature and proposes him. A similar story runs in parallel in another world. Their alter ego’s Varna (Anushka) is a tribal girl and Mahendra (Arya) is the son of the commander in chief of a kingdom on a different planet. Mahendra falls for Varna’s independent nature and tries to woo her.

Will Madhu accept Ramya’s proposal? Does Mahindra succeed in winning Varna? The movie is all about what happens during the course of their love journey.

Where do we start about performance….? We came back with a BIG QUESTION on our face and candidly our fingers got stuck to the keyboard.  We were able to identify only two actors in the movie and they are Anushka & Arya. The only closest face and association that we could make is TV Artist Ashok Kumar and there is nothing to talk about him.

Back to Performances, Anushka just scored the pass marks in her role as Ramya (Planet Earth) and we just don’t have any words to describe her role as Varna (Terrestrial World). This is definitely not her cup of tea. If you are a Big Fan of Anushka, you are better off watching her recent Baahubali teaser or wait for Rudramadevi. Even Sachin Tendulkar had many ducks and it is one of those times for Anushka.

Similar story with Arya and his performance as Madhu Balakrishna (Planet Earth) is just OK and he did not do anything more than showcasing his 6 or 9 pack in his role as Mahindra (Terrestrial World).

Seriously!! This is beyond our scope to describe performances.

You must have seen many love stories, But the director attempted an infinite series of Love Stories that are stitched together between the realistic & fictional world. Even though he attempted a movie that looks rich with high technical values, his overall execution can be defined pathetic. He took us on the wildest roller coaster ride!! He successfully detached the audience from the movie and but to his credit he invented a new GENRE in movies and what is the name? We don’t know.

Harris Jayaraj did a great job and composed some good romantic numbers.  Anirudh Ravichandran did a decent job with the background score but was inspired from several Hollywood movies with an IRISH TOUCH, especially for scenes in the Terrestrial World. That is it!!.

A couple of saviors on this occasion are few breathtaking locations around the world & the graphic work. Especially the graphic team deserves a pat on the back for creating the Flying Lion fight sequence.  The quality of the graphic work looked extraordinary and completely out of the box for Indian Cinema. Cinematography is marvelous with Hollywood quality. Decent screenplay but the slow-paced story makes it unbearable. 

Probably you must have seen one of those English dubbed movies in Telugu right? It is no different than watching Lakshmi Ganapathy Films vari  “Aakasmlo Bhukampam”. The only difference is Anushka and Arya were planted into the movie.

If you wanted to save few pain killer medication ….You have the answer!! Ishh…. We didn’t say anything and you never heard it. 

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