• Cast Dhanya Balakrishna, Anug Ram, Vishna
  • BannerSree Sreeyas Chitra
  • Editor S.R Shekhar
  • Cinematography Avaneendra
  • Music Ravi Chandra
  • Producer B.V.S.Ravi
  • Director Kishor Tirumala
  • Audio release date 17 Sep 2013

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Second Hand review

“Second Hand is Third Grade“

Posted: 13 December 2013-06:01 AM

Santosh (Sudhir Varma) is a photographer who is depressed in life. He meets Subba Rao (Kireeti Damaraju) one day and reveals that he wants to commit suicide and also reveals the reason about about how he loved Deepu (Dhanya Balakrishna) and how she ditched him. Subba Rao then tells him about another girl Swetcha (Dhanya Balakrishna). Later both of them realise there is an uncanny resemblance behind their stories and how their relationship ended. Then Sahasra (Dhanya Balakrishna) and Chaitu (Vishnu Vardhan) comes in and the rest of the film is about these three couples and how the confusion ends.

Except for Kireeti and Vishnuvardhan, none of the new comers have made their mark in the movie. Dhanya Balakrishnan is decent  and she gets to do three characters in a single movie. But her efforts are all lost due to the flaws in the movie. Kireeti evoked good laughs as Gentleman Subbarao. Posani managed some comedy towards the end of the story. Rest of the characters are very trivial and are not mentionable. Samantha, Puri Jagannadh and Allu Arjun appeared in little cameos towards the end of the movie. The director himself will be seen a little role as a Tamilian which is totally crap.

The story of the movie is wafer thin and screenplay is totally inadequate. There are three couples in the movie and the debutant director Kishore Tirumala failed to wove them and confused with himself. He hurried up things in the second half confusing the audience totally. In fact, you do not find a connection between the first half and the second half of the movie. He tried to establish a link towards the climax which only ended up as another farce. All in all, it is going to be a forgettable debut for Kishore Tirumala.

Ravi Chandra delivered okay kind of songs for the movie. His back ground music however a big let down for the movie. It does not have the soul or substance in it for the audience to connect with the plot of the film.

Cinematography by Avaneendra and Uma Shankar is completely poor. SR Sekkar, the editor has mixed results for the movie. There are few scenes which were highlighted just due to Editor's work. But everything is squandered in the second half. A good 20-30 minutes can be easily trimmed. Vijay Binny comes out with a very simple choreography. Production values of the film are okay for a small film like this.

Second Hand is one of most promising films of the season. The makers have invoked good interest with the trailers of the film. But the debutant director Kishore Tirumala totally failed handling the project. It happens many times during the movie, audience feel totally disconnected and do not know what is happening on the screen. Finally, the movie ends up as failure not even worth the wait or buzz it created. 

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