• Cast Karthi, , Mandy Takhar
  • BannerStudio Green
  • Editor Praveen KL
  • Cinematography Sakthi Saravanan
  • Music
  • Producer K.E.Gnanavel Raja
  • Director Venkat Prabhu
  • Audio release date 06 Dec 2013

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Biriyani review

“Yes! You can taste this Biriyani“

Posted: 20 December 2013-05:30 AM

Protagonist Sudheer (Karthi) is a happy-go-easy flirt and Parasuram (Premgi Amaren), working in an automotive showroom are thick as thieves! Priyanka (Hansika), a journalist is the lady love of Sudheer. Varadarajulu (Nassar) is a business tycoon who faces accusations of a big scam. His son-in-law Vijay Kumar (Ramki) assumes being his heir and awaits power. Riyaaz (Sampath) is the CBI officer who is in charge of investigation of the scam Varadarajulu is involved in. He is often assisted by his cop friend Vikram (Prem).

Sudheer wittily impresses Varadarajulu in a showroom opening in order to rescue Priyanka(who comes to interview him) from an embarrassment. Varadarajulu fond of Sudheer, insists upon his attendance to a party one night. On the way back attending the boring party, Sudheer and Parasuram halt at a roadside biryani center for biryani and are seduced by a sultry lady Maya (Mandi Thakar), who also visits the same biriyani center. The duo set out to woo the lady and accidentally land up in a murder case of Varadarajulu. How does the protagonist solve the mystery and got out of this pit forms the plot of the story.

Karthi is as usually amazing! His comedy timing along with Premgi is the showstopper. He can evoke any expression with such ease and aplomb!

Sorry we forgot about that heroine is Hansika [what to do! She hasn’t done anything worth mentioning of]. Ah! Yes…she danced to a song with Karthi, acted a few scenes and shed a few glycerin tears in a scene. She appears a pumpkin in a few scenes and slick in others!

Sampath wins brownie points for his look rather than his character as a CBI officer.

Ramki was decent enough for the envious son-in-law.

Uma fitted the bill as a hit woman and was an absolute love to watch during the action scenes.

Madhumita (Siva Balaji’s wife) was more like a younger sister than an elder sister shown in the film.

Prem was definitely a surprise and why? Watch it for yourself because we don’t want to reveal the suspense.

The rest of the cast is good enough to have the plot engaging.

Yes…we know Venkata Prabhu is a master chef of recipes of this kind! His previous films Goa, Saroja, Mankatha [Gambler in Telugu] are the testimonies. And his Biriyani is no different!

He had an engaging first half and an entertaining second half.

The first half is lodged with moderate comedy by Karthi and Premgi and has the movie has a typical formulaic interval bang. The biriyani comedy before the interval bang is good!

And the family audience might opt to skip the sultry song “Missesippi…” by siren MandiThakar which is a can’t miss! [And this is for you 18+] - Well, we know you are commercially sound director Venkat!

Dialogues like “Vaadiki ye car ishtamaitheentandi…nadipedinenekada”, “meerumatladukunedi car gurinchekada” burst outright laughter!

The comedy was so intact and could instill laughter even though it is a dubbing one – we are impressed!

Music by Yuvan is a huge let down. Though he passes the muster with the background score, this is not an album that is expected by an average ‘Yuvan music’ lover. He goes purely on experimentation which leaves the common man poses a thumb down.

The special appearances by Jai [Journey fame hero], Vaibhav [Godava fame], Mahath [Back Bench student fame hero] are good [not disrupting the plot].

The editing was slick enough to keep the viewer hooked. The title animations and funny animations that pop in at various points are also good and might impress the kids.

Though not a typical Andhra style spicy Kalyani or Dhum item, this is definitely a decent Biriyani from Karthi that you can undoubtedly taste it for once. 

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