• Cast , , Naveen, Rakesh, Melanie Kannokada
  • BannerD2R Films
  • Editor Dharmendra
  • Cinematography Lucas
  • Music Mahesh Shankar
  • Producer Raj & DK
  • Director Siraj Kalla
  • Audio release date 27 Sep 2013

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D For Dopidi review

“D FOR DOPIDI ? O for Okay! Okasari dopidi cheyinchukovachu!“

Posted: 25 December 2013-05:53 AM

Vicky (Varun Sandesh), Raju (Sundeep Kishan), Harish (Naveen Polisetty) and Bannu (Rakesh Rachakonda) are four friends with four draughty individual back stories and a desperate need for money. With mounting pressures, the four friends hatch a plan to rob a bank. Though they are basically good, their situations coerce them for a burglary. One fine day, they break open into a bank and get almost done with their job, when another gang led by Lokamuddhu (Thanikella Bharani) attack the bank. And Krishnamachari is the Assistant Commissioner of Police who handles the hostage episode. So, how does this heist end, who actually robbed the bank, did they get busted are the questions that form the plot of the story.

All the four – Varun, Sundeep, Harish and Bannu were the fantastic four of the film!

Varun – He was apt as the team lead [for the burglary team]. He was always brilliant with his ease and energy that he adds to the character.

Sundeep – We know he has got good comedy timing and dialogue delivery. Well, you have proved it again dear! You’ll definitely enjoy his comedy.

Harish – He tried his best to fit into the “tension party” or “mini Anna Hazare” (as Sundeep calls him in the film) character. Well, he passes off in second class!

Rakesh Rachakonda – He is an absolute entertainer as a foodie both with his hefty personality and his character ‘Bannu’ who is always after food/cigar/Vani [his girlfriend]. Though he is a newbie, he was a fab!

Thanikella Bharani – A stupendous artist like him was restricted to a scope less character. Though you can find him throughout the film, he hardly offers any crucial comedy episode.

Hema as a bank employee pops up here and there but even she was contained to a dim role.

Director Deva Katta was so, natural and splendid as an A.C.P. Even he can tickle our funny bone!

Pippala Raj [director of Bangaru Kodi Petta] looks well built and believable enough for a notorious gangster who would surprise you at the end [Oops did we leak it?! It’s okay!]

And sorry you have Melanie Kannokoda as the heroine [Hmmm…you can’t call as a heroine though] but she doesn’t grab your attention nor piss you off. Okay-Okay types!

Well we are impressed when a debutant director like Siraj Kalla attempted this heist genre [theft or robbery genre film] in Telugu after a long time. But Siraj is an intelligent maker – so he cooked a comedy thriller. With all fledgling cast he kept the expectations low but content high!

It is not a typical formulaic comedy with 3 fights and 6 songs! No low-brow comedy and cheap parodies. A hale and healthy comedy show and just for around 2hrs [Absolutely affordable while we often get roasted with high budget and high-voltage duds]

The first half was abit sluggish but once the characters and plot was introduced, it was all subtle and settled – the interval twist is interesting.

The second half slips off the track and sometimes gives you no clue of where it is heading. But, some interesting events and twists keep you glued.

The hilarious ‘amma-upma’ episode, a spoof on media deserves a special mention. Even someone born without ‘laughter glands’ should at least smile at this!

However, with an interesting pre-climax twist and a routine climax the film pulls it off in first class!

Music by Mahesh Shankar and opening by Sachin-Jigar are so trendy and happening. The music already got rave reviews but was labeled “so urbane”. The background score doesn’t make it felt though.

Nani’s voice over added spice and glamour to the story! Of course his promotional song was not so great. Cinematography by Lucas and Editing by Dharmendra are commendable.

D for Dopidi is O for Okay for a good one-time watch along with the family. But definitely not formulaic and an anticipatory mass entertainer!