• Cast Sumanth, Pinky Savika
  • BannerAa Naluguru Films
  • Editor --
  • Cinematography Chandramouli
  • Music
  • Producer Pudhota Sudeer Kumar, Madhan
  • Director Chandra Siddharth
  • Audio release date 10 Dec 2013

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Emo Gurram Eguravachu review

“Unfortunately Ee Gurram eppatiki egaradu?egaraledu“

Posted: 25 January 2014-18:09 PM

Bullabbai [Sumanth], our protagonist is a jobless happy-go-lucky villager who hasn’t passed 10th standard not even in his 14th attempt. Neelaveni [Pinky Savika] is Bullabbai’s niece who is educated in America. In the flashback, Neelaveni gets debarred from her 10th exams trying to help Bullabbai in the exam hall. From then on, Neelaveni’s hatred for Bullabbai grows along with her.

Now, after years when Neelaveni is back in India, Bullabbai starts teasing her but indeed loves her sincerely. But to avoid getting married early and tired of skipping many matches, Neelaveni decides to marry Bullabbai just on a contract basis. So, what did Bullabbai do to woo back his heroine forms the plot of the story.

Sumanth: He tried out a full-fledged character of a villager named ‘Bullabbai’ for the first time that is much completely contrary to his image and body language. He did it with ease but sometimes went overboard too. His accent was so unrealistic and his animated antics could barely make us laugh. However, he was back to the planet earth with his trademark impressive action in the tragic scenes. He was terrible with the classical dancer attire in the song “Sampangi…”but his dance and expressions passed him off with a second class.

Pinky Savika: She was cute and undoubtedly gorgeous. She could emote well. She even gave her best in getting her dialogs right [given she is a Thai actress].  Finally she has passed with 1st class.

Kanchi: Awesome>Average> Awkward>Awful. This is the journey of Kanchi’s ‘Sanyasi Naidu’ character in the film. He tried for a terrific comedy touch that unfortunately turned terrible.

Harshavardhan: Was short and as usually sweet in the limited character he was offered.

Thagubothu Ramesh: You’ll miss his trademark “Abba…Thammudu” style in the film failing to evoke hardly any gags as ‘Ammiraju’ in the film.

The rest of the cast are just like coriander in rasam.

On the first place, this story by Kanchi is an age old story that was made numerous times in numerous languages. But a smart director like Chandra Siddharth tried to serve the old wine in a new bottle but unfortunately he failed to realize that even the bottle is pungently old as the wine.

For this film, it’ll be the drawbacks first:

-          Ancient story
-          Ancient comedy
-          Lack of an intense conflict point and driving element
-          Shoddy writing
-          Pulpless characters
-          Sluggish first half and patience testing second half

-          Good music
-          Few comedy dialogs
-          Fairly good performances

Music by Keeravani was decent enough but couldn’t make the film any better as the re-recording fails to make an impact – definitely a disappointing job from the re-recording master.

First half was colorful – thanks to the cinematographer Chandramouli. The “Sampangi…” song with Sumanth in the lady getup isn’t impressive either.

Unfortunately this horse has arthritis and also has it's wings clipped – can fly nowhere and take you nowhere. So, safely give it a miss and enjoy your weekend.

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