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Heart Attack review

“Just One time watch - Might attack head not heart!“

Posted: 29 May 2014-23:16 PM

Makhan Kamarti (Vikramajeet Virk) is a drug peddler and kingpin in Goa trafficking women. Devan (character named unrevealed) is a powerful cop who wishes to sack him but in turn is attacked and paralyzed by Makhan. On the other hand, Varun (Nitin) is a hippie living out of part time jobs in and around Spain. Liking Hayati (Adah Sharma) [daughter of Devan in the film] in the very first sight, Varun pranks as if he got heart attack just to get her number. Hayati comes from India for the sake of her friend Priya (Kesha Khambati) who is the daughter of Ramana (Brahmanandam).

Later, Varun falls after Hayati to woo her just for a kiss but not love. Hayati, who refuses to kiss Varun, eventually falls in love with him. Meanwhile, Varun spoils a drug deal of Makhan carried by Amu (Ajay) in Spain. Varun and Hayati meet up for one last time before Varun leaves, just in when, Amu attacks Varun. So, how could Hayati win Varun’s love and what did Varun do to win Hayati from Makhan forms the crux of the film!

Nitin: He was afresh with his look but not his character. He is just like any other Puri Jagannadh hero with the same reckless body language and typical philosophies.

Adah Sharma: Well, this girl is the one to watch out in this film. She looks drop-dead gorgeous and wins brownie points for her acting as well. She was flawless with her dialogues and the emotion of her character. Just got under the skin of ‘Hayati’ so beautifully!

Vikramajeet Virk: Now, he is definitely promoted to the post of the main villain in this film but has got nothing new to do in this new post except for looking muscular. The rest is all the same.

Brahmanandam: How can he miss in a Puri film! Well, he sparks out few gags in the first half with his character Ramana, a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna and in-charge of Iskcon temple in Spain. His comedy track with his daughter character Priya, Adah Sharma and Nitin was good enough just to smile and barely laugh.

Ali: He was as usually anew with his getup as a Tamil mobile canteen owner in Goa but got nothing new to offer except helping the hero in the second half.

Prakash Raj pays a surprise visit but on a purpose. Why and when is for you to watch out for.

The rest of the cast did fairly well.

Puri Jagannadh has once again come up with a same old love story, screenplay and philosophies but this time with a different location. This film gives us an impression as if Ek Niranjan is remade in Spain with few additions and subtractions in the characters.

-> The first half was tolerable with the love story progressing with some quirky scenes, whacky dialogues and Brahmanandam comedy here and there.
-> The intermission was pretty predictable with a slight twist before. 
-> The second half is so boring but survives just because of the screenplay.
-> Predictable plot and routine execution and simple climax.
However first half wins over the second half!

-> Interesting presentation of an age old love story especially in the first half.
-> The quirky scenes between the hero and heroine and comical sub plot of Priya, his lover and Brahmanandam. And the romantic scene before the interval was differently presented.
-> Whacky dialogues like “Devuda Piracy Cheydam Nerchukunnava” and other ones about boys and girls with less punch and more philosophy [just like in the recent movies of Puri].
-> Nitin and Adah Sharma’s performances.
-> Cinematography and Art direction.
-> Editing.
-> Good Music.
-> Premise of the story being very weak and routine lacking depth.
-> Not so interesting characterization. As a movie cannot run upon hero and heroine characters alone!
-> No ‘wow’ factor to make this love story appealing and endearing.

Anoop Rubens is an intelligent composer and often the director’s composer. His music in the film was good enough to impress the masses. But, as usually the re-recording hasn’t made the cut. It just slips off underneath filling the vacuum.

Cinematography by Amol Rathod is brilliant and it adds grandeur to the film. Editing by SR Sekhar is slick enough and he proves his mastery in the action sequences. 

This is strictly a one-time watch that might give you headache but definitely not a Heart Attack.

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