• Cast Santhosh, Manisha Yadav
  • BannerSK Pictures
  • Editor Anthony
  • Cinematography Surya A R
  • Music
  • Producer Suresh Kondeti
  • Director Sushindran
  • Audio release date 15 Dec 2013

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Preminchali review

“A Thought Provoking Attempt!“

Posted: 27 February 2014-13:46 PM

It is the story of two teenagers who look very familiar like people next door. What happens if two such people become friends and it transforms into love? What are the hurdles they encounter? What happens to their respective families? How does the mistake of their teenage angst affect their life?

Swetha (Manisha Yadav) and Karthik (Santosh) are two engineering students. Both of them belong to affluent families who initially start off as friends but eventually fall in love. They get into a physical relationship and Swetha becomes pregnant. She tries her best to abort her unwanted child before her family comes to know about it.

What sort of hardships she faces during this troubled time? Whom does she approach for help? Just when the problem is about to be solved, she comes to know that her mother is aware of this. What sorts of circumstances arrive? What does the lead couple do to solving the issue? Will they convince their respective families and get married? Will the child be born? All such answers can be seen on the silver screen!

Manisha Yadav is adequate for the role of female lead and looks very natural in her characterization. She manages to emote well in the key scenes making the film a good watch.

Santosh is alright as the male lead but has more of a Tamilian look which might be hard to connect with common Telugu Audience.

The remaining cast suits their respective roles well.

The director Susheendran took the subject into his own hands and made it interesting throughout the film’s runtime. His talent is evidently visible in every frame. He brilliantly showcased how current day youth are falling prey to infatuation and misconceive it to be love. He wonderfully presented the serious circumstances such youth might have to face as a result of their hastiness.

-> First half is quite laid back; it slowly carries the emotion towards the second half. From there the story reaches a new level.
-> Every scene in the second half is heart wrenching and aids so much to the film’s success.
-> The sensible way in which the theme is portrayed is laudable.

->Excessive Tamil flavor in the film might not appeal much to the Telugu Audience.

The phenomenal background score, songs with high literary value are huge assets for the film. The song sung by SPB before the climax sequence is yet another highlight. 

This is the tenth dubbing film from S.K.Pictures production house. Suresh Kondeti is quite famous for dubbing such interesting films. It is a welcome change to watch such interesting films to be dubbed in Telugu. 

Preminchali is a thought provoking attempt to bring light on issues which the current day youth overlook. The film clearly shows the hurdles which youth in relationships might have to face as a result of their carelessness. The film is not exactly a colorful love story because it reality in its true sense.

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