• Cast Archana, Sivaji
  • BannerLivitha Universal Films
  • Editor V Nagireddy
  • Cinematography S.Murali Mohan Reddy
  • Music K K
  • Producer Esanaka Sunil Reddy
  • Director Narasimha Nandi
  • Audio release date 01 Feb 2014

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Kamalatho Naa Prayanam review

“A Journey That Never Ever Ends“

Posted: 13 March 2014-08:34 AM

On a rainy day,  Suryanarayana (Sivaji) reaches a village in search of his friend Ananda Rao. Wondering where to stay for the night, he is taken to Kamala (Archana)'s house by a kid of the village. Despite being a prostitute by profession, Kamala is quite pure at heart. She has distinguished interests like music, getting drenched in rain, and yearns for freedom. But her grandmother (Paavala Shyamala) makes sure all these doesn't reach Kamala. Kamala's grandmother sells off her for one person per day in order to earn money. Suryanarayana comes to her house in such juncture. He pours his heart out to Kamala and she feels hopeful that she got the love of her life. Suryanarayana is an idealistic person who wants to give a new life to Kamala. Accordingly, he starts off in search for his friend Ananda Rao by taking Kamala along with him. But by then, he comes to know that his friend is no more. He leaves Kamala at her house and visits his friend's grave. But when he returns for Kamala, she goes missing. Her grandmother says that Kamala leaves for the zamindar house being truthful to her profession. On hearing this, Suryanarayana is left heartbroken.

What happens next? Why did Kamala get into the saddening profession again? Will she continue to be in it? In order to know answers for such questions, it is inevitable for the audience to continue the journey with Kamala.

The main actors Sivaji and Archana are adequate in their respective roles. The child artists have acted quite well but the director made them utter lines which are pretty much beyond their age. The lines look as if the director or writer is speaking but not the characters they adorned. Despite the underplay of performances but the other actors, Paavala Shyamala compensated them all with her performance. The peculiar expressions, and rendering of dialogues is possible to only an actress like her. A story like this definitely needs a character of that sort. 

Based on the story written by Tilak, this story was made based on the foundations of "Ooru Chivara Illu" written by Narasimha Nandi- the director of the film. The film irresistibly gives the feeling as if it is made for earning awards, and the story is snail paced. The scope of the film is quite less but the duration is pretty long ranging for two hours 45min. Many scenes in the first half could have been easily trimmed. The scenes in Ananda Rao's house in particular could have been conveniently pruned. The director's brilliance can be seen in second half compared to the first half. The crucial scenes were made with ease.

- Usage of good music and literature
- Decent Art direction
- Good camerawork in getting the rainy night ambience
 There are certain distinct features for award films:
- The film should be full of sacrifices and tears
- The story is dragged to a runtime of two hours though it can be finished in an hour
- The film should be devoid of entertainment
- The pace of the film should be excruciatingly slow
- The ending should be sad irrespective of the beginning or theme of the film
- The dialogues should be heavy in impact and sound dramatic most of the time

This film has all the above mentioned features.

While the music and literature is decent enough for this film, the background score is out of timeline which makes the audience remember the old films.

Editing should have been more crisp which could have helped in increasing the pace. The dialogues are so unnatural that the audience would wonder how out of place the dramatized dialogues would seem.  

The story of the film is completely out of the current trend. However, the real challenge is to make such story interesting for the present generation. The director unfortunately failed in this aspect. But the attempt in bringing such a classic story on silver screen has to be applauded. Only people who have love for Telugu literature, the traditions and immense adoration for Black and White Era can make films of this sort. But it has to be remembered that every such attempt cannot become a classic. 

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