• Cast , Shubra Aiyappa
  • BannerSudha Cinemas
  • Editor Nandamuri Hari
  • Cinematography Chitti Babu
  • Music Sai Kartheek
  • Producer Sambha Shiva Rao
  • Director Prashanth Mandava
  • Audio release date 13 Nov 2013

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Prathinidhi review

“Prathinidhi - Not Great...Not Bad!“

Posted: 25 April 2014-07:18 AM

Sambasiva Rao (Kota Srinivas Rao), the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh who comes to inaugurate an old age home is captured as a hostage by Nara Rohit (name not revealed). With the help of minister's son Srikar (Vishnu) and his love interest Lakshmi Sunaina (Shubra Aiyappa), he captures the CM. To release him, the protagonist poses some seriously logical and practically challenging demands to the government. On enquiry, the government concludes that 'Manchodu Srinu', the name under which Nara Rohit operates has been dead long back, putting everything in a fix. So, who is Nara Rohit, why did he capture CM and did he accomplish his mission forms the plot of the story…

Nara Rohit: He did an impressive job with his subtle yet acute performance. His dialog delivery has both accent and punch. He carried the film on his shoulders with poise. Though he looks chubby and fails miserably to pull off few dance moves which were inessential though.

Shubra Aiyappa: Yes, she is glamorous and can act too; but only if she was given something to do. In this hero-centric film, unfortunately she had to relax and let the hero do all the doing. Better luck next time dear!

Kota Srinivas Rao: The senior actor's contribution heaves the show up. His performance as a CM was sharp, shrewd and realistic enough to look appealing.

Posani: He was witty and entertaining as a commissioner. Though he is serious, his character entertains all through the show.

Vishnu: He was convincing as hero's friend and minister's son Srikar. Though he felt flat at emoting few scenes, he does a decent job.

The rest of the cast like Jp, Ranganath et al pull off the show pretty decently.

This debut attempt by debutant director Prashanth Mandava is absolutely commendable. The story by Anand Ravi deserves a special mention here. Though the story was too main-stream, the way it was told by remaining genuine to the line without trying to sound commercial is unarguably laudable. The story that started on an edgy note was rather slipping off the track at a point. But the second half had enough twists to have this edgy political drama engaging. This is predominantly a story and dialog driven film with less commercial attractions.


* A good storyline with a conventional story and a routine yet engaging narration without sounding preachy.

* A subtle yet convincing performance by Rohit along with an impressive show by Kota and Posani remain as the main assets of the film.

* Dialogues are too good and thought provoking. They make you clap at least once and think twice.

* An engaging screen play especially in the second half keep this political drama entertaining.


* The narration isn't serious and clinical enough to turn this political drama into a serious, intense and edgy drama.

* A flimsy first half might make you get absolutely worried about what you are watching but an engaging second half will provide you the essential relief.

* The extensive media footage that went over board might cause inconvenience to the common viewer.

* The interval bang wasn't infact a bang but predictable.

* There wasn't any big 'WOW' moment in the entire film except for the dialogues.

However, if you can endure the first half, you'll have a better ride in the second half.

Sai Karthik gave a rather decent album serving to the needs of the story. Especially, "Vaishnavo Janato" deserves a special mention. The back ground score was indeed impressive. Of course, the songs can have a far better picturization.

The dialogues by Anand Ravi deserves the entire credit. The film appeared rather pro TDP, when the intermission was turned 'NTR MISSION' with the cut outs of all the Chief Ministers of AP until Nara Chandra Babu Naidu. Glad the original content wasn't marred for political advantages.

The cinematography and editing were mediocre though.

Prathinidhi is an off-beat political drama with a routine story but with a good and unique point told in a rather engaging manner without falling into regular commercial framework. If you have time and energy to invest in such a film, Prathinidhi will be an ideal choice - an entertaining and awareness film.

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