• Cast Rajinikanth, Deepika Padukone
  • BannerEros International and Media One Global Entertainment
  • Editor Anthony
  • Cinematography Rajiv Menon
  • Music A R Rahman
  • Producer Sunil Lulla
  • Director Soundarya Rajinikanth
  • Audio release date 10 Mar 2014

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Vikrama Simha review

“Soundless - Pointless - Useless“

Posted: 23 May 2014-06:07 AM

Raja Mahendra (Jackie Shroff) is the king of Kalingapuri kingdom and their army chief Rana (Rajinikanth) is an unprecedented warrior. Rana expands the empire of Kalingapuri and asks to release the war prisoners of their arch rivals Kotapatnam Kingdom to wage a war against Kotapatnam itself. But Rana who marches with all of the Kalingapuri army joins hands with Kotapatnam Prince Surasimha (Sarath Kumar). For bringing back their war prisoners, Rana is grandly welcomed back by the entire Kotapatnam Empire (his native place) except King Surasimha. Rana even asks for the marriage of lovebirds Yamuna, his sister (Rukmini) and Surasimha as a reward for saving Ugrasimha from an accident. Rana’s elder brother Sena is missing and his mother Jahnavi (Sobhana) expires right in his childhood. Vadhana Devi (Deepika Padukone) is the lady love of Rana. Ugrasimha who is not all happy with the happenings because of Rana, waits to nail down him someday. One night, rescued from an attack, Ugrasimha comes to know that the intruder who tried to kill him is none other than Rana. Who is Rana? Who is Vikramasimha? Why did Rana want to kill Ugrasimha? form the plot of the story.

Since this is a motion capture 3D animated film, we cannot judge the performances of the characters but somehow this motion capture technology used for the film could not capture the minute emotions of the actors emoting. The characters on screen appear so cold faced and of course remained as mere mediocre animated objects rather than characters given life by some exemplary actors like Rajni, Jackie Shroff, Nassar, Sobhana, Sarath Kumar, Naresh, Deepika et al.

Soundarya Rajnikanth Ashwin, where she needs to ace this big test has unfortunately missed it by a mile. Her debut attempt is certainly appreciable but unfortunately it is a cake not worth the candle. Be it any film with the ultimate technical embellishments but fundamentally it is a story that needs to relate and emotionally connect to the audience. With Vikrama Simha, you neither fall in awe with the technical brilliance (which the makers claim to be contemporary to the Hollywood techniques but do not make sense to the common man) nor emotionally connect to not even one scene of the film. For a film promoted to be an Avatar league film, there is not even a single scene that is jaw-dropping.

- Sorry this column is unfortunately empty but we are sorry to say there is so memorable.

- The routine storyline with an unimpressive narration.
- Adding to the shoddy writing and the dialogs in a great revenge drama like this lackluster.
- The animation absolutely failing to impress the viewer.
- Predictable and lack of intense scenes to feel and connect to the emotion of the plot.
 - Absolutely no ‘WoW’ factor in the film.

We say Soundless because Vikrama Simha being a Rajinikanth film isn’t up to the snuff, making not even sound if not noise!

Pointless because in spite of having a matinee idol like Rjanikanth and a top notch crew in hand, an outcome like this is undoubtedly pointless!

Useless because a high budget and highly anticipated film with million tons of expectations that could not provide an average cine goer with what it promised and could not validate his investment of time, energy and money is unarguably useless.

AR Rahman has once done justice to a film of this genre with this top class music and re-recording. Though it might fail to strike the chord of the masses, he does justice to the genre with his elite compositions and worthy re-recording.

Cinematography by Rajiv Menon is top-notch but the motion capture technology used could not deliver the expected. Editing by Anthony is flawless especially in the action sequences.  

Unfortunately Vikrama Simha is a huge disappointer and unarguably a wasted opportunity. In today’s world, where several video games and cartoon anime series are way ahead of times with their technical brilliance, Vikrama Simha neither tugs you emotionally nor wonders you technically. So, now it’s up to you to go for a 2D or a 3D or take a nice nap and save money!