• Cast Prakash Raj, Sneha, Tejas, Samyuktha
  • BannerPrakash Raj Productions
  • Editor Kishore T E
  • Cinematography Preetha
  • Music Ilaiyaraaja
  • Producer Prakash Raj
  • Director Prakash Raj
  • Audio release date 31 Mar 2014

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Ulavacharu Biryani review

“Ulavacharu Biryani - Biriyani Lo Uppu Thaggindi“

Posted: 05 June 2014-21:34 PM

Kalidasu (Prakash Raj) is a bachelor working as an archeologist. Aasha (Aishwarya) is his colleague and good friend while Tejas (Naveen) is his son-in-law who comes to the city in pursuit of job and lives with him along with his friend MS Narayana and cook Krishna (Brahmaji). Though an archeologist by profession, Kalidasu has this great fetish for food. Gowri (Sneha) is an unmarried dubbing artist living with Meghana (Samyukta Hornad) and Chechi (Urvasi). One day exhausted with work, Gowri accidentally calls Kalidasu and places a parcel order of a Kutti dosa. Their relation grooms up over this small misunderstanding which eventually evolves into love over a small recipe preparation. However, when they decide to meet, Naveen and Meghana show up claiming to be Kalidasu and Meghana. So, how did this sudden circumstance affect Kalidasu-Gowri love story and how did they re-unite forms the plot of the story.

Prakash Raj: Prakash was as usually flawless in his performance as a foodie. Though the character is not so challenging for an actor like Prakash Raj, he got his act right.

Sneha: The most beautiful Sneha, whom we have been missing all these years, is back with this film. She is gorgeous and makes us swoon over her appearance and performance in the film.

Tejas & Samyuktha: The pair has beautiful screen presence and has put up an absolutely pleasing chemistry – certainly promising newcomers.

The rest of the cast like MS Narayana, Urvashi, Brahmaji etc just make the film watchable.

Prakash Raj is undoubtedly a stupendous actor! But, as a director he has failed miserably in cooking a delicious biryani for the audience. Well, the storyline is a refreshing and sensitive love story woven over cooking. But, unfortunately except for a few initial footage and the first half where their love story blooms, the element of ‘food’ has been largely ignored towards the end of the story. On top of it, the story has an unnecessary sub plot of a tribal old man which has no value addition to the main plot. The film that appeared to be a must tasted recipe with the promotional content has ultimately turned out to be a regretting experience towards the end.

First half: The premise and characters are beautifully set with some songs and dialogs making us feel good, smile or laugh here and there. Though it appears to be sliding off a bit, by the time you realize it, the ‘intermission’ card says “hello” to you.

Interval: The interval bang is so predictable and we cannot call this a “bang”. So, suddenly you start feeling like you can take a long interval with more popcorn packs for time pass.

Second Half: We enter the hall with more popcorn but less expectation. And all your hopes of tasting a better biryani at least in the second half are brutally killed. Instead, this is a half cooked one which we often consume on an obligation at occasions.

- The star cast performance especially Sneha, Tejus, Samyukta, MS Narayana and Brahmaji make it bearable.
- Some top notch cinematography by Preetha (niece of eminent cinematographer PC Sreeram) which makes it a visual treat.
- The most endearing music and brilliant back ground score turn out to be the true assets of this film.
- Dialogs are very refreshing having the right amount of fun and logic in it.

- Flimsy adaption of a beautiful original Salt n Pepper (Malayalam).
- Weak and lethargic narration that has indeed turned out be a patience taster.
- Lack of clarity over the main and sub plots.
- Lack of intense scenes that affect the feel and emotion of this sensible love story.                                                                                                  
- A predictable and shoddy climax.

In a nutshell, first half is far better than second half.

Both music and background score by the Maestro are the lone highlights of the film. He has certainly pumped life into the film. Otherwise the film would rather remain a kichidi instead of a biryani.

Cinematography by Preetha, dialogs by Vallabha are impressive. The tributary card on the expired legends of Telugu cinema ANR, Srihari, Dharmavarapu and AVS along with the note is impressive and heart warming.

Ulavacharu Biryani is a wasted opportunity and a regretting meal. This half cooked biryani that lacks the most important ‘Salt’ in adapting the original Salt n Pepper. Still, if you wish to taste this new 'Ulavacharu Biryani' going by its aroma, you can have it at your own risk.

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