• Cast ,
  • BannerMagnus Cineprime Pvt Ltd
  • Editor Karthika Srinivas
  • Cinematography Karthik Gattamneni
  • Music Sekhar Chandra
  • Producer Venkata Srinivas Boggaram
  • Director Chandoo Mondeti
  • Audio release date 27 May 2014

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Karthikeya review

“Koncham Mysterious, Koncham Thrilling“

Posted: 24 October 2014-12:10 PM

A writer in the Endowment department researching upon the mysterious Subramanya Swamy Temple in the Subramanyapuram village is found dead due to snake bite. Karthik (Nikhil) and Valli (Swathi) are two medicos who visit the village on a special medical camp. Karthik, a curious and adventurous guy by nature comes to know about the legend of the temple and wishes to chase the mystery. But a series of unexpected incidents and deaths pose a serious challenge to Karthik’s zeal. So, how did Karthik untie the knot of the Temple mystery forms the plot of the story.

Nikhil: This promising actor is the face of the film. He was as usually smart and handsome in the film. He did put up an impressive show in this story driven film.

Swathi: She was gorgeous in the film but wish her character could have more to offer.

Rao Ramesh: He plays a crucial lead in the film and has got a surprise for you at the end. Keep waiting for him!

Thanikella Bharani: He also played a vital role in the film and amused us with his subtle yet effective performance.

Premakatha Chitram Praveen and Swamy Ra Ra Satya: This duo provides us the much needed comic relief in the film.

The rest of the cast including Jogi Brothers, Kishore, Raja Ravindra et al give their best in keeping this thriller engaging.

Chandoo Mondeti deserves a tap for an adventurous attempt. Karthikeya was a decent attempt with a good storyline, rightly aided by good visual brilliance too. But it was indeed the flawed writing that curbed this story line in evolving into a true-blue exhilarating thriller.

The way the director chose to knit an edgy thriller rooted with a trivial curiosity element around a mysterious legend is appreciable and the various knots he planted were also fine. But he undoubtedly failed to effectively unknot the mystery which at a point becomes completely predictable. Besides this, the inevitable love track could not add value to the plot. The visually appealing guise might outshine this unfinished writing but the pre-climax and climax episodes are way too shabby to hold the nerve of the audience.

First Half: The film opens with a breezy love story and a gripping start which later travels in its own pace. The lovely songs, contemporary subtle comedy and a series of incidents might actually pull you into the story.

Interval Bang: The interval was predictable yet intriguing enough to wait for the second half.

Second Half: This much crucial second half that starts off on a promising note might not completely quench your thirst for thrill. And as the story progresses, the mercury level keeps dropping down and the climax was too simple and insipid!

- Good storyline.
- Top notch Cinematography and Editing.
- Impressive Re-recording.
- Visually Compelling narration.

- The flawed writing and the insipid narration in the second half.
- Lack of commercial elements might disappoint the masses.

Shekar Chandra has already given a beautiful album with delightful songs. But if at all the plot was any engaging, his back ground score deserves the credit! Very Impressive!

Cinematography by Karthik Ghattamaneni and Editing by Karthik Sreenivas were top-notch. Both the stellar visuals and the slick editing add life to the plot. The animation and special effects were convincing and impactful. 

Karthikeya might not be a great nail-biting edgy thriller but if you step in with zero expectations, Karthikeya will not disappoint you! A good onetime watch film! Watch it for the engaging story, splendid visuals and amazing back ground score! [Sorry, item songs, formulaic entertainment, star comedy tracks OUT OF STOCK here!]

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