Kamalinee Mukherjee

By - March 15, 2013 - 05:58 PM IST

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A bright sunny morning?with the tweets and bird songs, nothing like a cup of aromatic coffee brewed for a perfect start of our day! [Well all the tea lovers can have ?tea? replaced for coffee]. But Kamalinee Mukherjee makes it even lovelier for us with her debut Telugu film Anand in the year 2004, when the maker of the film Shekhar Kammula brought this English graduate with Theatre Arts background, all the way from Kolkata. But she would have never thought that she would have a rollercoaster ride in Tollywood.

2004 - UP

- That is when Tollywood knew it has got a honey-eyed promising girl [Actually we just loved her coffee]. She should have definitely felt happy about the rave response Anand, her second film has fetched her [The first was Phir Milenge, a Hindi film made in 2004].

 -Her theatre foundation has helped her pass the muster in her first South Indian film. She rather earned a pretty homely girl-next-door image with Anand wherein she plays ?Rupa?, a liberated woman with the entire plot gyrating around her.

People just loved her and the youth were simply back after her chanting "Charumathi I Love you??

2005 - DOWN

With such a promising start, Meenakshi in 2005, her second film opposite Rajeev Kanakala [just a popular supporting actor] was just wide off the mark. She simply barked up the wrong tree and fell flat in the league at her very second step!

2006 - UP

- It took a commercial flick like Style in 2006, the dance feature by choreographer turned director Raghavendra Lawrence to fall in the race. The movie has however pulled off with its star cast and off-streak dancing theme.

Style has indeed heaved her out of the trough, followed by Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu [Raghavan in Telugu] in the same year, opposite a stalwart like Kamal Haasan- a home run for a fledgling actor like her!

- Apart from the result of the film, Shekhar Kammula has again picked Kamalinee for his musical romantic film Godavari (2006) with which her career nudged up gaining momentum. The character ?Seetha?, yet another liberated and individualistic woman she has essayed in the film after Anand has gifted enough mileage making her the front-runner!

2007 - DOWN

- But she has in a way overshot the mark with Classmates, a remake opposite Sumanth in the following year (2007) going after a clean role, completely failing to capitalize on the Godavari success.

- That was a so-so movie and she was back to square one! When her career was a snail?s walk with films like Pellaindi kaani in 2007, it was again Sekhar Kammula who came to her rescue with Happy Days by making her a teacher- the most loved ?Shreya mam?.

Once again she has done the magic!

2008 ? UP & DOWN

- Followed by the classic Gamyam in 2008, the ?Janaki? character, yet another feather in her cap and there is Kamalinee shooting off into skies [Thanks to director Krish]! When she was riding high, her cameo in Jalsa, the same year got her nowhere in spite of being one of the biggest grossers of the year.

- Towards the end of the year, with a dud like Brahmanandam Drama Company, a Telugu remake of Hindi Bhagam Bhag, Kamalinee has apparently cut her own throat.

2009 to till date ? TOTALLY DOWN

From that day to till date, anyone shall be taken aback learning that there is no significant film except Gopi Gopika Godavari in 2009 (which is also a so-so). Appearances in some big films like Nagavalli in 2010 and Shirdi Sai in 2012 did her no good!

P.S: To put in a nutshell, she should have shunned films like Meenakshi after Anand, Pellaindi Kaani after Classmates, Brahmanandam Drama Company afterJalsa, Maa Annayya Bangaram after Gopi Gopika Godavari and had she planned a big commercial film after Gamyam, she would have been the front runner by now. And that what signifies the importance of a strategy!

She is now finding her fortune in Mollywood but if not a ctrl+Z, its better late than never to see the errors of her ways and make a comeback!