Ramcharan wanted to dub for Eega.

By - March 23, 2013 - 07:29 AM IST

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A director who doesn’t need a star to rely on. He has it all figured and he knows best. Well, that could be none other than S. S. Rajamouli. We have seen him create a mega buzz with Ramcharan’s Magadheera and pretty soon he was back with the biggest buzz ever made in Tollywood, Eega. He proved that there need not be any star in a movie for it to be a hit. All it takes is a dedicated team led by a man with vision. 

Nani and Samantha gave their best in the movie. Sudeep as a villain has reached a standard beyond our expectations. Having all the characters playing their parts so perfectly on screen, the main lead Eega couldn’t be left out. With a great visual effects team, Eega was portrayed on the Telugu screen in such a way the audience hasn’t seen anything like that before. But, after creating such a brilliant creature, dubbing for the same was the task of the day. That’s when Ramcharan entered into the picture and offered to lend his voice for Eega. But, he got there a little late as Rajamouli already gave his voice for his own magical creation. Keeping aside the end result, one should appreciate Charan for his intentions of offering some help. But, isn’t it Rajamouli again, who gave Charan the biggest blockbuster of his career?