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Yes…we are talking about the same guy whom we know as TARUN. No wonder, this star kid has got an easy gateway into this glitter world – not Tollywood alone but Tamil and Malayalam cinema as well [for he is the son of renowned Telugu actor Roja Ramani and Odiya actor Chakrapani Bhatti].Tarun has got an interesting film journey and he is the quintessential actor for extreme crest and troughs. From being a National Awardee to passing off time with cricket, here is small walk-in into his career with sweet encounters like Aarti Agarwal, Richa to Vimala Raman till date…

  • Little Tarun was only 7yrs lad. But he was the apple of the industry’s eye! Forayed into the world of cinema with a bang!
  • First film Manasu Mamatha – Nandi Award for Best Child Actor, the highest award of appreciation for acting!
  • Followed by yet another stunning performance in Mani Ratnam’s Anjali as the brother of the mentally disabled ‘Anjali’ – the nation bowed to the spark in little Tarun and as a result, Master Tarun bags a National Award for Best Child Artist.
1991 - UP…UP and UP!
  • Now, he became the favorite pick of Mani Ratnam and has appeared as a petty thief in Mani Ratnam’s subsequent evergreen classic Thalapathi – a chance in the squad of stalwarts like Rajnikanth, Mammootty, Sobhana et.al.
  • Master Tarun got better with every step and that was the time for awards to bow down to this little master. Nandi Award for Best Child Actor for his next film Pillalu Diddina Kapuram and Best Child Artist Award in Japanese International Film Festival for Abhayam, a Malayalam film were nothing but obvious.
  • Nextly, he came up with yet another noteworthy performance in the all-time epic Adithya 369, as a doubtpot! - All in a single year and he became busy like any other Superstar.
  • His award quest seems to have recessed after his third Best Child Artist Nandi Award for the film Teja.
  • Tod Tarun is growing up and made just one appearance as young Nagarjuna in the 1995 release film Vajram…
CUT…! Five years later…

2000 - SEESAW
  • A young lad marks an impressive debut with a youthful, entertaining love story Nuvve Kaavali in a big banner like Usha Kiran Movies that won a National Award. He bagged a Filmfare for the Best Male Debut too for this film. This film took him close to the youth and family audience. One shot - Two birds!
  • With such a good start and an outstanding track record at his back, anyone would expect more… But our hero has opened his flop account with Uncle which had more cast and less content! However, he bounced back with Priyamaina Neeku, yet another love story which pulled off as a silent musical hit. “Ufff”- a sigh of relief from Tarun.
  • Tarun and Richa were a super hit pair with Nuvve Kaavali. So, looking to repeat the Nuvve Kaavali magic, Tarun set out to do Chirujallu (meaning Drizzle) pairing with Richa.
  • But, the drizzle turned a mini hurricane for the producers and Tarun as well. Finally, Tarun should have learned that hit combinations cannot always be a hit. Well, that year was a bitter one for this lover boy.
  • Surviving the Chirujallu disaster, Tarun comes up with a family entertainer Nuvvu leka Nenu lenu under a prestigious production house like Suresh Production, which actually worked this time with a new yet hit face called ‘Aarti Agarwal’. This girl was the magic charm for the film and Tarun as well.
  • Though the film was a decent hit, the pair [Tarun and Aarti Agarwal] was constantly in the news for other reasons. Anyways, this didn’t come to much of his help.
  • His next film Adrushtam (meaning luck) bought him no better luck. The conventional family cum lover boy has suddenly changed the gear and went for an experimental film – people didn’t like your abrupt gear change Mr. Tarun!
  • But, Nuvve Nuvve was indeed a drizzle for his arid journey so far. Above all, it was a director’s movie and Shriya’s beauty just added to the sensible love story. The magic wand was this time in the hands of director Trivikram and Shriya. It is a milestone in Tarun’s life and though it wasn’t anything different he tried before, it was a good move by him.
2003 - SO-SO
  • All his movies Ninne Ishtapaddanu, Ela Cheppanu and Nee Manasu Naku Telsu (a bilingual) were all so-so films that neither took him any further nor yanked him.
  • All old wines in new bottles types and he wasn’t any impressive in any of these except for the heroines and some really good music in the films.
2004 to till date - TOTALLY DOWN

Eventually he somehow lost the thread and the planetary motions also weren’t favoring this young lover boy. All his films like Sakhiya (2004), Soggadu (2005), Oka Oorilo (2005),     Nava Vasantham (2007), Bhale Dongalu 2008), Shashirekha Parinayam (2011) couldn’t register a solid hit at the box-office.

After a good three year gap, he is coming up with films like Chukkalanti Ammayi Chakkanaina Abbayi, Anucharudu, Yuddham this time.

Though he is a talented fella, he as somehow failed to pick the right string and failed to strike a balance between the family and lover boy image he tried to establish keeping his own limitation in view.
  • If he is well aware of the fact that, people like to see him as a lover boy, he should have tried some really versatile yet entertaining love stories like Nuvve Nuvve right after Nuvvu leka Nenu lenu and Nee Manasu Naku Telusu, instead of run-of-the-mill stories like Ninne Ishtapaddanu, Ela Cheppanu and then come up with stories like Soggadu, Nava Vasantham and Shashirekha Parinayam which would rather put him close to the youth audience and would have created a fan base in the section even without solid hits.
  • Even multi-starrer comedy subjects also a good move o this note. Comedy is a minimum guarantee genre.
  • Now, looks like he has again changed gears coming up with titles like Anucharudu, Yuddham. We are seriously surprised at his choice, as what these heavy-weighted sounds have got to do with a lover boy like Tarun?
Hopefully he is not gearing up for any power packed action. Fingers crossed! If not a Ctrl Z totally, he can at least make use of this analysis to show us back the award winning actor Tarun!