Charlie Chaplin

By - April 08, 2013 - 10:20 AM IST

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Little Charlie’s subtle humor.

Creating humor without poking fun at others, without uttering a single word and solely through gestures and movements is possible only for the legendary Charlie Chaplin. The mere utterance of his name spreads smiles across. Without being much obvious, his subtle sense of comedy makes us fall off the chair. Besides being a comedian, he was also a great philosopher and director. He acted in 82 films in his 53 years of film career. Let’s unfold one of the interesting chapters of his life.

Charlie Chaplin was 5 years old when he first adorned the stage.  His mother Hanna used to work as a  stage singer for a living. Charlie always accompanied his mother to the shows. Once it happened while on stage singing, she couldn’t raise her pitch because of bad throat. She halted singing, which led the audiences to scream and shout to get their money back. The stage manager panicked and hastily decided to put Charlie on stage. Little Charlie continued his mother’s song and left the audiences dumbfounded. The same audiences who were shouting a few minutes before, started to throw money onto the stage in excitement. They screamed out of joy for one more song to which Charlie innocently replied, “Let me pick the money first and I will sing right after”.

The crowd laughed and enjoyed the kid’s innocence. As promised, Charlie sang another song along with a bit of mimicry, leaving the audiences entertained enough for that evening. Later on he gave many stage performances and appeared in many award winning films. He popularized the famous mime, slapstick and other visual comedy routines, which are watched even today and are equally loved.