By - April 08, 2013 - 10:24 PM IST

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Beauty embodied…Lovely lips and a beaming smile. Nothing could drive us fuzzier! Well, you know it can be none other than KAJAL AGARWAL. iQlikmovies manages to catch hold of this most sought after diva and here she goes gushing interesting stuff about 'BAADSHAH' and Jr.N.T.R.

Hai Kajal…congratulations on the success of BAADSHAH, well how happy are you?
I am really very happy! The movie got good reviews and positive talk from audiences. For every film, audiences are the ultimate judges and Baadshah got it.

Any special reason behind signing ‘Baadshah’?
Firstly my characterization, second the amount of comedy in it. I have tried doing comedy in Darling and but there is double the scope of comedy in Baadshah. To be fair, the main reason was the comedy point itself. While shooting for the film, I enjoyed a lot and good to know that people have accepted it and are enjoying a lot in the theatres. 

How was working with Jr. NTR after ‘Brindavanam’?
'Brindavanam' was a very nice experience. And Tarak is a fantabulous actor and co-star to work with. During Brindavanam I wasn’t quite able to catch his timing in a few scenes. But this time in Baadshah, I managed to pick up his timing in comedy and emotional scenes as well. Understanding the timing and acting accordingly turns to be the key factor for any good actor or actress. Then scenes work out with ease. Thankfully the same happened in Baadshah.

You seem to talk a lot about ‘Philosophy’ in ‘Baadshah’, what is your real life philosophy?
(Smiles) Well…my personal philosophy is very simple - To live life as it’s the last day of yours! In terms of career, I always have in mind the words of my mom. She keeps saying “Never take success to head and never get depressed by failure”. This is what I follow in real life.

Tell us something about your director Srinu Vaitla…
He is a very talented and the most hardworking director I have seen till date. He meticulously explains each and every scene and extracts the essential pulp from the artist.

Any unforgettable scenes from ‘Baadshah’?
The scenes between me and M.S. Narayana are unforgettable! I liked the scenes of mine and Tarak too. While doing those comedy scenes, you wouldn’t believe we couldn’t control our laughs and almost got our guts out laughing. Especially the suicide scene was hilarious. It was the most memorable scene I have ever done.

You have been doing commercial films a lot, are you contended with them?
Yeah that’s true! I have been doing commercial movies a lot these days. But I will make sure that there is something for my character too. Not that my character is just restricted to songs and comedy scenes. If you compare my previous movies, there is a lot of improvement in my acting and I will sign a movie only if there is some scope for acting. Thankfully, so far all the commercial movies I have done also had something to emote and I should be thankful to my directors for that.

What about female oriented movies? Are you planning for any?
Yeah definitely, I’m waiting for the right subject to come my way. It’s not about doing a female oriented movie, whatever film it might be, it must have some value and should impress and entertain the audience too.

We have been hearing a lot about your cameo in ‘Yevadu’. You wouldn’t mind telling us something about it…right?
[Laughs] Yes…I am doing a cameo. Though the life of the character I play is short, it has a lot of significance and I believe everybody will like it. I’m pairing up with Allu Arjun in this film. I’m very closely associated with the team of ‘Yevadu’ and that is why I have agreed to do this role. Hopefully it comes out well!

Your future projects in Telugu?
Right now I haven’t yet signed any Telugu film but the discussions are going on. Currently I’m shooting for two bilingual films ‘All In All Algu Raja’ and ‘Jilla’.

Any Bollywood news again?
Offers are coming but I haven’t signed officially any. Will definitely let you know if any.

Of course you will. Anyhow great going Kajal... Good luck ahead!  
Thank you!