Anjali Missing Episode Takes 'U' Turn!

By - April 11, 2013 - 12:06 AM IST

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Rumors in filmnagar are waving that Anjali is residing with her boyfriend who also seems to be her personal doctor.  The reason behind the whole controversy is that, differences between Anjali and her step-mom have developed on her relationship with her boyfriend. On the other side, Anjali’s step-mom, Bharathi Devi told that “Anjali is suffering with some health ailment”. But she has not revealed much about the disease or her relationship with the personal doctor.   

On top of this, Bharathi Devi has filed a kidnap case in Chennai suspecting some Mr. ‘X’ might have kidnapped her. On the other hand, Anjali seem to have called her mother clarifying that she is safe but hasn’t disclosed her whereabouts, according to her brother Ravi Shankar.

Reliable Police sources confirm that this is not a kidnap case as the cc camera footage of the hotel she is residing, proves that she absconded alone. They also expressed their confidence over unwinding this knot very soon.

Out of this entire hullabaloo, Hotel Daspalla in Madhapur, Hyderabad seems to have benefitted with lot of free publicity! Well jokes apart, so far none of the rumors have been confirmed but everybody is curious whether she will come out of bushes and take part in the shooting. This seems to be a million dollars question!