I did not run away but in fact taking a break - Anjali

By - April 13, 2013 - 12:27 AM IST

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Alas! Heroine Anjali, who went missing from the 8th of this April for almost four and half days, has voluntarily produced herself before West Zone DCP Sudhir Babu, Hyderabad couple of years back along with some oblivious individual.

Producing herself before the DCP, she has reportedly delivered an explanation upon the entire episode. Renowned producer Suresh Kondeti and Ravi Shankar, the brother of Anjali also accompanied her during this. Addressing the press, Anjali stated, “I am safe and absolutely ok. I did not run away. I was just taking a break. I am really stressed out now; I am not able to talk! I have submitted a detailed statement to the DCP. Kindly collect the statement. I shall meet you later and give you enough details. In a couple of days, I will resume all my shootings. Thank you for all your support.”

Adding to her statement, DCP Sudhir Babu revealing the details of the written statement she provided, enunciated that Anjali left to Mumbai right from Hotel Daspalla [the hotel she was residing in Hyderabad at the time of her missing] and happened to be there all these four and half days. Now, because of the missing case filed upon her, she produced herself before the police.

Popular actress Anjali [Journey and SVSC fame], who is here in the city for the shooting of her film ‘BALUPU’ and who is ought to go to Bangalore for another film the ‘Bol Bachchan’ Telugu remake, suddenly absconded four and half days back siting family perturbations. A missing case was filed against her in Hyderabad by her brother Ravi Shankar and a kidnap case was also filed in Chennai by her step-mom Bharathi Devi. Finally after five long days, she returned back and appeared before police and media.