Why this weekend will be exciting?

By - April 17, 2013 - 03:50 PM IST

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With ‘Baadshah’ becoming a blockbuster hit at box office, several movie release dates have been pushed further. Now the film has completed its second week and other films have lined up for release this weekend. But here is something more interesting. Three films are getting released this Friday, Nitin’s ‘Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde’ (GJG), Siddharth’s ‘NH4’ and Allu Sirish’s debut ‘Gouravam’. Interestingly all these movies are of different genres, ‘GJG’ is a romantic entertainer, ‘NH4’ is a thriller and ‘Gouravam’ is a message oriented movie.

These 3 films are getting released on Friday and with IPL factor which is drawing lot of consideration, it will be interesting to see which movie generates positive talk and fares well at box office. It will be good for Industry if all the movies shine at box office.