UDAY KIRAN - How did he walk down?

By - April 21, 2013 - 02:08 PM IST

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“Ee peddollunnare…” can be the easiest question in quiz because even tots would answer it in the split of a Nano second. Such was his popularity then.

It has been almost a pushkar since he entered the field but if you ask us why did he end up in Ctrl + Z, we can only say “read the below”…

In the greater interest of our beloved readers, we divided his career into pre-2002 and post-2002 as that was the year our lover boy saw a hit!

Pre-2002: UP and on a full swing!

Debuting with a youthful hit ‘Chitram’ under a prestigious banner like Usha Kiron Movies is always a distinguished entry followed by a trendsetter like ‘Nuvvu-Nenu’ was a double bonanza. On top of it, this film won him the much esteemed Filmfare Award for Best Actor Award too. What else could be more overwhelming to a fledgling actor? With a blockbuster like Manasanthe Nuvve falling next, our boy grew into a lover boy with an increasing youth and specially women fan-base. From Rs. 15 lakhs to Rs 40 lakhs was definitely a decent growth…right? Then came in ‘Kalusukovalani’, yet another hit in his kit! He was deemed to be some Greek god of luck and the Midas touch personified! If ‘Sreeram’ and ‘Holi’ were decent fares, ‘Nee Sneham’ was a silent hit, in fact the last hit in his career so far!

Post-2002: DOWN and still down in the cellar!

Out of the chunk of movies he has done so far, only 'Abaddham' ['Poi' in Tamil] by the revered master K. Bala Chander and 'Gunde Jhallumandi' by Madan are noteworthy, that too because of the directors! But, even they could not save him from getting any worse. After the much unfortunate ruckus with Megastar Chiranjeevi’s daughter marriage affair, 'Aunanna Kadanna' was touted to be his ‘comeback’ movie! But, it only sent him more back than being helpful as a comeback. In between the two, there are six flops altogether both here in Telugu and Tamil. Now, with his recent flick ‘Jai Sriram’ also not changing his fate, he is wondering what to do and how to do!

So, let us intervene here and talk about you Mr. Uday Kiran.


-   Till the Chiru daughter’s marriage episode, his strategy (if at all he had one) was perfectly good.

-   Talking about the aftermath of the episode, it is pretty evident that he failed in the crisis management.
-   It is sheer absurdity of a background-less, self-made fledgling hero like Uday Kiran to think that he can swim against a high tide. He can but provided he must know swimming or should   be smart enough to stay alive.
-   But, paapam our Uday babu seems to have picked up neither. A crackerjack PR [Public Relations] is a must in this industry and Uday Kiran perfectly lacks it.

If not a Ctrl + Z totally, he can

-   Eventually build a strong PR,
-   Identify beneficial working combinations,
-   Make a few initial compromises and offers

And warily step ahead to clamber up in this Narnia! Ctrl + Z wishes you Good luck!