By - April 24, 2013 - 11:57 PM IST

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Remember…couple of years back we yelled “Marpu kaavali” [We need change!]. Guess what… ‘Thadhastu’ gods have blessed us the ‘Change’! We are definitely not kidding you buddies. Yes of course, heroes have started appearing from the very first frame to the last frame [even in the making footage too], heroines have started doing item numbers themselves outshining conventional item girls [Two in One dude!] and comedians are becoming as important heroes too! Everything happening for good which indicates that we are changing!

Still can’t agree? Ok! Let’s take some random topic like brand promotions. Earlier cigarettes were promoted by Men [Heroes] and sarees by Women [Come on…obviously Heroines], Jeans by Men and Jewelry by Women. Now, positions altered dear citizens!

May be being bugged for promoting alcohol brands and cigarettes, out of vexation, our handsome heroes have shifted to Jewelry brands. Shuffle your television channels… You can find Mahesh Babu promoting Jos Alukkas, Allu Arjun promoting Joy Alukkas, Jr. NTR certifying Malabar Gold and Nagarjuna pumping up Kalyan Jewelers. Technically, have they got anything to do with a sparkling diamond-studded neck piece? An alluring set of golden pendants and bangles? The answer shall be a big “No…Nothing”.

But, the trend has it that, gone were the days where a heroine draped in a white kanchi sari with all the jewels of the showroom prinked upon her, walking in style. Now, who knows, the domestic engineers might also be looking for a change and hence our heroes popped up on the screen! [Wow! What a conclusion!] And this is pretty much proved by the sales being shot up in dividends and the brands running after the stars. Now, a suave hero with a suit or kurta or any other vogue outfit should be enlightening us with his one-liners about the significance of relationships and their ironical link with jewelry. That makes the jewelry more appealing!

Anyways, a brand should adapt to the nativity and adopt new promotional techniques to stay alive in the league. Hope our heroes don’t venture into sari promotions as well. Anyhow, we don’t have the calling cards but the market gurus should be having a vindicating reason here otherwise why would they run after a hero for feminine stuff! [Feminists…ignore kar…ignore kar!]

P.S: Brands do it for sales…stars do it for bucks and we see it because we are programmed to! Why bother…let’s enjoy the change!