Swetha Basu Prasad and her 'Soup-Story'!

By - April 27, 2013 - 01:27 PM IST

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Once upon a time there lived a child artist…”Ekaada?”

Once upon a time there lived a child artist who won several awards including the National Award too… “Epoodu?”

She was cycling and eventually she grew up into an adult [That is how heroes grow up in movies…right?] One fine day she even became a heroine and it was a big hit! But ironically, she ended up with stage shows for a survival… “Paapam kadaaa”

Of course, we know you are pretty smart enough to figure out that this short story is about Swetha Basu Prasad! But what you might not know is her SOUP-STORY! [Don’t worry…this shall be a short story too]

For your better convenience, our Ctrl Z writers have split this into ‘Before and After’ Kothabangarulokam (2008). [Well, Kothabangarulokam is the only and lonely hit in her career].

Before 'Kothabangarulokam': Up above the world so high…

Starting her career as a child artist at a very tender age of 11yrs, she took the nation for a surprise with her amazing acting in Makdee, for which the Indian govt. had no second thoughts of awarding this superkid with a National Award for Best Child Artist [2002].

Who is a fool to set free a kid who is a National awardee? At least, the Kahani Ghar Ghar ki serial makers were not! So there she is- the busiest child artist with fist full of popular serials like Karishma Kaa Karishma, C.I.D et al.

That is in when Iqbal [2005] came in, that shot her to stardom bagging her critical acclaim and projects like Darna Zaroori Hai.


2008: The rise of a new heroine with a spark [at least we thought]

Kothabangarulokam is a romantic comedy that deals with teenage and its implications. The debutante director needed a relatively young tyro cast and was in quest of the lead heroine who does look like a teenager but yet can deliver a stellar as the character was that crucial. His quest ended with Swetha Basu Prasad, as she got under the skin of the character as no one else could and turned the head turner!

The critics were happy that they got a new heroine with real talent, upon whom they can pounce upon [Of course to criticize!] and the industry received her with open arms [As it usually does].

She has got a flying start and sky was the limit for this ambitious newbie. But…

After ‘Kothabangarulokam':

Ride and Kasko were her immediate choices. Someone should have (free) advocated that one should do mass subjects to gain a footing in the industry. But Ride fetched her nothing and Kasko turned a curse to her.

Couple of years later, she cried “I am Present” with films like Kalavar King, Priyudu, Ding Dong Bell et al but they led her to dead ends.

Her recent appearance was last year (2012) in Genius…as an ‘item girl’ [that too one among two other girls who were ex-heroines!]

That was the ironical journey from a National Award to an item number!


Making the right choices is the most common and crucial thing, not everyone can master! [Of course, no one can always get right].

- Her strategy to gain a mass appeal and connect was good but one (especially heroines) should know their limitations and plan accordingly [Not everyone can get away well with minis and midis]

- Secondly, anyone’s prospects and longevity here in the industry depends upon their attitude and behavior more than just their talent! Especially heroines ought to be production-friendly and shouldn’t turn a millstone to the producers [Hope, you get it (wink)!].

P.S: If not a Ctrl + Z totally, its high time she stiches her career. Unlike many, she has got a wide connect in Television. Besides mending her setbacks, she can resort to the sweet spot called Television and start a new innings. This can be at least the last right choice she can make! [Hope she doesn’t get into our hit list this time].