iQlik special interview with Greekuveerudu

By - May 02, 2013 - 10:53 AM IST

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Nagarjuna's 'Greekuveerudu' is hitting the screens on Friday. Nag is confident that the movie will be a hit. He reveals about his new look and more details about 'Greekuveerudu'

Tell us something about ‘Greekuveerudu’ in your own words?
It’s a complete family love story film. All age group people can watch the film. That’s it and can’t reveal much more. I’m so happy the movie has come out well and eagerly waiting for the release. Also really excited about the film releasing on the same day the first Indian film got released i.e, May 3rd. It’s just a coincidence not pre-planned or anything.

How did this project happen?

After Mr. Perfect, Dasaradh approached me and narrated the story, I was completely excited by the storyline. When I heard the hero characterization I thought of developing a fresh look. Dasaradh also insisted me for a new look and that’s how everything happened.

Tell us about Dasaradh style of working?
He is really a very hard working guy and believes in the script rather than the commercial elements, takes care of minute things which are necessary and gives importance to human emotions in his movies.

He approached me as a writer for Santosham film. I noticed his style of narration and forced him to wield megaphone for that project that’s how he made his debut as a director. The movie was a blockbuster and my decision did not go wrong.

About your new look? (You look much younger than Naga Chaitanya)
[Laughs] as I said earlier the hero is an NRI and Dasaradh also insisted on a  new look, I have consulted with my hair stylist Sachin and we have noticed Hollywood heroes Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt and ‘Iron Man’ fame Robert Downey Jr. style in few movies and worked one whole day to develop this look. I should thank Sachin who is styling my hair for the past 20 years. That’s how I got new look and it was well received by the audience too. I’m so happy for it.

Pairing up with Nayantara for the second time?

Yeah Nayanatara is extremely professional. She is a dedicated co-star to work with, very comfortable, she is the same when I worked with her for ‘Boss’. I am looking forward to work with her again.

About the music?

Thaman did a fantastic job !! The audio seemed to be well recieved by the audience and I personally liked all songs in the film. Because of Thaman I had to work hard on my dance moves after a very long time. Even the re-recording is also excellent. Special thanks to Thaman and I’m looking forward to work with him again.

Tell us about the other elements in the film?

Comedy between me and Brahmanandam will be hilarious. There is only one fight in the movie and one action episode. Camera work by Anil Bandari is outstanding. He projected me young & stylish [Laughs]. Thank u Anil.

Your next projects?

‘Bhai’ is getting ready in my own banner. The shooting is currently in progress, it’s a completely different movie compared to ‘Greekuveerudu’. Also ‘Manam’ script working is going on; the movie will take time to be on the sets. I haven’t committed any other projects besides these two.

Rumors about joining politics?

They are just rumors. I’m happy with my acting profession and have no intention of joining politics. By the way when are next general elections?

Ok Nagarjuna all the best!

Thank you