Ctrl Z: RAJA

By - May 04, 2013 - 07:11 PM IST

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“Raja…rajadi…rajadi…Raja” [Raja – King]. ‘Raja’ is the most clichéd word in Telugu cinema. It is the most fancied word too. You can see almost all our heroes having the name ’Raja’ in most of their films and films with the prefix or suffix ‘Raja’ are countless. May be our ‘Anand’ fame RAJA should have grasped this or should be witty enough to capitalize on this name. If everything has gone well, he should have become the ‘Raja’ of Tollywood [or least should have been in the probables]. But, look he has landed up in our Ctrl + Z pool where we were busy fishing all the back-bench fish!

Well, when we were looking through his career, see what we spotted –
“2004” seems to be the barking year [They every dog has a day!] for him because he was hear aloud in the same year. So, we split his career into Before and After 2004.

Before 2004: One four and two sixes!

- Though he debuted with Vechivunta in 2001, it was a comedy film like ‘O Chinadaana’ (2002) that announced the name ‘Raja’. People didn’t care much than just noticing him. But it took him three more years until Anand came in October 2004 for his presence to be felt.

- Though Anand was a film revolving around the female lead with the film just named after him [name sake!], people got to recognize him as Anand and he scored a housie as a ‘manchi coffee lanti abbai’. The film went on to bag about 4 Nandi awards!

- Following Anand, he ended the year with yet another noble project ‘Aa Naluguru’ that came in December 2004. Raja impressed us as the spoilt son and squeezed our senti hearts in the film [remember the climax?]. It was another award winning haul [3 Nandi awards]

After 2004 to till date: One six and all singles and leg-byes

- This Ferrari saw its first break down after it finished its first lap! Post-Aa Naluguru, there were hardly any fruitful films except for Vennela (2005), Mr. Medhavi (2008) and Sontha Ooru (2009). All the rest were mere supporting appearances that knocked his door! Poor chap, had to oblige to survive!

- A man who has worked with directors like Sekhar Kammula and Chandra Siddharth had to settle down with films like Hostel Days [his forthcoming film].


- Though an able actor, Raja has somehow failed to pick the right wire to diffuse the bomb and save himself from getting bombed. This business is all about making right choices and striking the right balance in the diversity of characters that ring our door bells. Fancying all the ‘performance-oriented’ stuff and ‘big-named’ projects, he lost track of his marathon, settling down to supporting roles [Actor turned Supporting actor].

- And also, personal affairs can’t occupy a dictating space if one opts to reach heights. We need to acquire the wit of taming the personal space to slalom up [But our dear Rajaji has failed this paper. Remember his sister’s wedding episode and his religious, political affiliations and al that!]

P.S: If not a Ctrl Z totally, Raja needs to paint back his canvas by identifying good directors, doing good PR [remember last class? PR – Public Relations] and mix well his options and choices. Otherwise, he shall remain a batsman playing a test waiting for the hypothetical ‘right ball’