India simply loves them?

By - May 06, 2013 - 05:57 PM IST

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When Colors Swathi (of course her character) went berserk about Mahesh Babu in the film Ashta Chemma, some thought it was legitimate while some felt it was obvious and the rest opined it was “hyper action”!

When the Bollywood roosters schmoosed that Bips (Bipasha Basu) fell for the Tollywood hunk Rana (of course a news from Dum Maaro Dum Times), some felt it was vindicating while some babbled that it was simply because she felt like moving on!

Most recently, when the beans spilled that the most hot and happening diva of the country Priyanka Chopra has specially tutored our Cherry (Ram Charan) in Hindi, some thought that she was smitten by our ‘Mega Toofan’ while some simply laughed off, turning down to be a joke!

But, when the Times Group declared that our stars are listed among the 50 Most Desirable Men of India, we actually realized that the whole country is wooed by our rock stars. All our stars have got promotions this year, where our ‘Prince’ Mahesh Babu, who was ranked 2nd currently, has in fact climbed up the chart by 7 ranks, toppling super stars like Salman and Hrithik. Our Rana Babu was previously 20 and now 10 [Looks like Bipasha episode has worked for the CV!] And though a debutante, our Cherry boy has managed to grab a decent place (19th rank) than Randeep Hooda and MS Dhoni [the Zanjeer Effect or Priyanka Effect?]!

Our beloved Tollywood products Illu [Ileana] and Tammu [sorry Tamannah] managed to sit 29th and 30th respectively in the recently out 50 Most Desirable Women category. Come on guys…much better than the sirens Sherlyn Chopra and Mallika Sherawat. They definitely deserve a cheer! Hope some day they would get close to the apex list [provided no more Barfis and Himatwaalas!]

Guess this Vijayanama Samvatsaram [New Year] has got berries for Telugu cinema – National Awards, Jnanpith Awards, Telugu story remakes and now these rankings! Hope our Telugu cinema goes unprecedented at National and International horizons [Come on…what’s wrong in being Optimistic?!]