Hollywood ..S.V.Krishna Reddy.. What is the connection ?

By - May 10, 2013 - 01:16 AM IST

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Our Tollywood is spreading its arms beyond expectations and imaginations…

From the days where we visited Hollywood on a sight-seeing basis or song shootings, we have grown remarkably to work with Hollywood technicians [predominantly for visual effects and Bangkok fight masters too] and even intrude into their markets [Thanks to directors like Rajalmouli and Puri]. Now, eminent filmmakers like SV Krishna Reddy have taken a giant leap and have even directed a Hollywood movie with the Hollywood cast itself.

Can’t believe us? Then you should be told of this upcoming Hollywood project DIVORCE INVITATION that is hitting the Hollywood screens this 12th May!


Divorce Invitation’ is a film made by the comedy guru SV Krishna Reddy, who gave us laugh-riot classics like Yama Leela, Rajendrudu-Gajendrudu, Mayalodu, Ghatothgajudu et al, under RR Movie Makers banner produced by Dr. Venkat. According to our onlooker, the film is about Mike, a married man running into his high school crush Alex and eventually realizing it to be true love. Due to some pre-nuptial agreement, he could not walk over his wife and his wife doesn’t let him off. It predominantly deals with marriage, relationships and its significance. Great story and what relevance it achieved, being made in the West?!


But, do you smell it as we do? Does this story remind you of SV Krishna Reddy’s 1997 family entertainer ‘Aahvanam’?! Srikanth, Ramya Krishna, Heera et al and the epic song “Devathalara randi…mee deevenalandinchandi” [Ahem…ahem!] It was such an acclaimed film that has in a way reminded this ‘walking-paper’ generation the novelty and significance of our Indian marriage institution! Well, this is a Universal concept and the supposedly West needs more lessons than us.


The film has already caught bull’s eye of Hollywood and bags good expectations. Hope this  Hollywood journey of SV Krishna Reddy doesn’t turn a starter marriage and wish this film stands a head turner and announce the potential of Telugu makers to the high and might West.


By the way, the trailer looks impressive. You too have a look here