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If a village belle with a fair face, hour-glass shape draped in a traditional langavoni [half sari], ankle bells, simple sandals passes like a greased lightning…no average man can escape being smitten! Likewise, we too were enamoured watching Sada for the first time in 'Jayam' (2002). An average aesthete wondered where he got this honey-eyed belle from! When we thought she has got the makings of a rising star, she eventually ended up here in our Ctrl Z lobby!

As you know, our Ctrl Z writers have got a great itch for post-mortems and this is what they have discovered! They are done with their segregations too. Check out –

Before 2005: UP tasting some berries and some amlas…

Fortunately, she had a good launch with a blockbuster like ‘Jayam’ in 2002 but you know sometimes, an initial success can cut both ways. She took up ‘Praanam’ in 2003, again a love story with a village backdrop [but with a typical Tamil aroma and flavour]. This time this misfired and she ended up accolades but what about survival?

So Sada grabbed ‘Naaga’ the same year. ‘Naaga’ is big move with a big hero like NTR and on top of it a Tamil hit remake. Now, this is a smart move and obviously success is taken for granted. But, poor Sada had to be left dejected as the movie blasted at the box-office!

Then came ‘Donga Dongadi’ in 2004 that gave her some glucose [“Manmadha raja…Manmadha raja…” Now, who can forget this spicy number?]. Late that year she said “hai” with ‘Leela Mahal’ Centre with Aryan Rajesh. Just like the ‘Leela Mahal’ theatre in Vijayawada city, this film had no one in the theatre except for the projector.

So, she had to take a stroll and test her luck in Kollywood and Kannada Sandalwood too! But paapam Sada, had to return empty handed. But as wonders will never cease, everything happened for Sada in 2005.

2005: UP on the Everest!

Being on low ebb, Sada resorted to Teja, the man who gave her debut break! That is how ‘Avunanna Kadanna’ happened. But, poor girl…it took her no time to realise that Teja isn’t a man with the Midas touch. The film being like a broken record had to obviously remain a dud.

But Sada had the luck of the draw in the form of ‘Anniyan’ [Aparichitudu in Telugu]. So, she gave her best in the film and with the film being a blockbuster in Tamil and Telugu she was shot off to skies. Ironically, Success seemed to be a fair-weathered friend to Sada.

She bid farewell to that year with another flop called ‘Priyasakhi’ [a Tamil film dubbed into Telugu by the same name].

After 2005 to till date: DOWN on a journey to the centre of the earth!

Post-‘Priyasakhi’, she attempted to make a comeback with films like ‘Chukkalo Chandrudu’ and Bala Krishna’s ‘Veerabhara’ but nothing has worked! Her next film Classmates was a moderate breath of relief and please don’t ask us about ‘Shankar Dada Zindabad’ and ‘Takari’. And films like ‘A Aa E Ee’, ‘Mythri’…ignore kar ignore kar! This year she is showing up with films Mana Prema and Dasa Thirigindi…what 2013 has got for her!


Her first three steps till ‘Donga Dongadi’ were good that’s when she started making wrong serves. She did get an ace but failed to turn into a point as she was focusing on the entire South at a time - One film in Tamil, one in Kannada and making sudden flashes in Telugu. So, once she lost the demand, she has been totally ignored except by some small film makers. In fact she was lucky enough to get second bites after every failure.

P.S: If not a Ctrl Z totally, she may not regain her lost craze and demand because here a new face emerges every other day! And increasing the glamour quotient [some call it “over-exposing”] also might not help.
She needs to sit and find a place where she can make hay before the sun sets completely.

- Here in Tollywood, if she can attract big makers and grab a chance, that’s fine!

- Otherwise, the item number suit is always readily available. Spot one hit number and get back on the platform to catch the success express.

- If not Television is always a hospitable door she can knock any time.

- Or like most of our heroines do, settling down in Bhojpuri or her home industry Marathi isn’t a bad idea too.

[Of course ideas are absolutely free here Sadaji… because we are your good well-wishers, gooder free advicers and goodest critics]