Manoj Impersonates Vikram!

By - May 19, 2013 - 05:27 AM IST

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Although Manchu Manoj has a carved a niche for himself, of late he has taken a liking to Tamil hero Vikram characters. Manoj to an extent has impersonated Vikram in Mr.Nookaya and Uu Kodatara Ulikki Padutara. He seems to continue the trend and is sweating out for the movie Potugadu which is taking shape under the direction of Pawan. Apparently he has also put on weight to meet the requirements of the character. Losing weight for one movie and then immediately putting on weight for the other has been physically taxing on Manchu Manoj.

Apart from this he is also starring in Manchu family multi starrer, which also seems to have lot of scope and potential, for which they are importing variety of wigs. Too much of emphasis on characters, very less importance for story has already resulted in big flops like Mr.Nookaya and Uu Kodatara Ulikki Padutara. Lot of effort has been put in to the movie Potugadu and will he reap the fruits of this hardship seems to be a million dollar question. Let’s wait and watch.