Action 3D indefinitely postponed

By - May 21, 2013 - 11:24 AM IST

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Action 3D’, upcoming film of actor Allari Naresh, is postponed once again. This time the postponement would be long, says sources. Reason for this long interruption is the 3D aspect of the film. The makers have promoted heavily about the film being first 3D effect laden all out entertainer from the beginning and a normal release would undo all the hype.
So what is being heard now in film circles is that the unit is going take time, however long it may be, to come up with good 3D effects for the film and release it when the effects are completely satisfying. This process might take more time than anticipated which means the film as things stand today has no immediate release date. ‘Action 3D’ marked the directorial debut of Anil Sunkara, one of the producers of the blockbuster film ‘Dookudu’.